Kevin and Jenny’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. No matter what, we are convinced of your courage and love for your child. Kevin’s stepmother placed her daughter with a family when she was younger, so he grew up learning what a mix of love and loss adoption can be. We have also watched their relationship grow in an open adoption. Unable to have children of our own biologically, we desire to become first-time parents through adoption.

We were raised in very different homes, which has made us a stronger couple. Jenny’s family is administrative while Kevin’s family is more creative. Jenny grew up in a smaller, middle-class family, and Kevin grew up in a blended, biracial (African-American/Caucasian) family with step-siblings.

We met at graduate school in Dallas and have been married since 2003. Kevin was struck with Jenny’s immense love for life, how she cared deeply for the elderly and international students, and how she can make you feel like the most important person in the room. Jenny was drawn to Kevin’s wisdom, kindness, generosity, and hilarious antics. We keep each other laughing!

Kevin is the pastor of a church, which means we have a big extended family, all of whom are excited to love a new baby. Our church is ethnically diverse and is a welcoming community. Interestingly, several families in our church have adopted children. Kevin also leads the youth group, so he often can be found playing games, teaching the Bible, or running youth gatherings. Jenny help to direct our children’s ministry and volunteers in the infant and toddler class. Jenny is an educator and works at a university. She loves exploring the world and sharing what she learns through teaching and writing.

We work within 3 miles of our home, and our jobs give us the flexibility to change our work schedule or to work from home, based on the needs of a child. We protect our evenings and weekends for family as our first priority. We live in a safe, diverse neighborhood with parks, hospitals, and great schools nearby. Because we both grew up in households where money was tight, we made a commitment to be wise about spending and saving money in order to provide for our child’s education and future. Jenny grew up in Texas since she was nine, and all of Jenny’s family lives in East Texas. We lived in Dallas for ten years before moving to Indiana, but Texas is home.

Those who know us would tell you that we are trustworthy, creative, and caring. We most of all love Jesus and enjoy reading, writing, photography, hiking, and traveling. Kevin has published four children’s fantasy books and is writing his next one. We are huge Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars fans. We take pleasure in the simple and small things of life. For us, a good time is taking long walks by the lake or lingering around the dinner table talking about our day.

We are asking God to bless you and that you always hold on to hope.

All the very best,
Jenny and Kevin

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