Keith and Julie’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We could not be more humbled knowing that you are on the journey of a lifetime and realize you may be at this very moment overwhelmed.  We have been praying for you, we ask often that God is with you and that you never feel alone.  You are at the top of our minds moment to moment, we pray every day for your strength and that you feel genuine support already coming from whichever family God is going to pair you with. We are inspired by your courage and we know that God will direct your steps, you will be ok and we just know in our hearts that your baby will have an incredible chance to thrive.  No words can express how excited we are to have the potential opportunity to join hands with you as you walk into this special journey of motherhood. Thank you for reading our story.

God has given us to each other and we are absolutely best friends.  We have been together since 2010 and have been in a wonderful marriage since 2014.  There is so much to be thankful for as we look at all we have been given.  When you walk into our home you feel that it is a happy place.  It is filled with memories of past holidays, there are beautiful family mementos and you hear the sound of our toddler Abigail laughing as she plays.  We are thankful for the amazing Sunday Suppers we host with extended family and dear friends.  The house fills with yummy smells and the table gets set with an extra place just in case we get a last minute call from someone who needs some good home time with us.  We are thankful for our cuddly animals and that they make our lives richer every day. We are in awe of the fact that we can honestly say that our wedding day was the day we knew each other the least in our marriage.  Our love and friendship grows as we have conversations in our beautiful back yard with its covered patio.  It is always a fun time to grill our meal and to relax and talk about our dreams or just chat about our day.  We always say that we could boil our lives down to all that could fit on a picnic blanket and that would be all we would need, our little family is each other’s Home and it’s that simple.

We are beyond blessed with all the flexibility we have to raise children and the stability that has been built over the years.  Julie is able to work a full time job in marketing contracting at Frito Lay.  She also has an amazing working relationship with her company and feels so supported, they clearly put family first.  Keith has built his own business from the ground up and has scaled it back to part time morning and evening hours the past few years to be able to run what we call Daddy Day Care, so we are overjoyed that one of us is with our daughter at all times.

We feel overwhelmed by the support we also receive from family, church and friends.  We have so many people around us and all of them have expressed how excited they are for the adoption.  This baby is going to have so much love around them.  All of these people have shaped us into who we are.  Keith is a fun loving, outgoing, outdoorsman that has the biggest heart for people.  He is honest and warm and could not be a better father.  Julie is warm, loves hosting very large gatherings and could not be more of a people person.  She is an encourager who loves children with all of her heart.  We have always talked about adoption so when we found out our second child was not possible we jumped at the opportunity. One of many reasons we are excited about adoption is that Keith’s mother is a birth mother and we have reconnected with Lisa, Keith’s birth sister over the years and it could not be a more positive experience.  We have seen the blessing of adoption first hand.

There is something that we live our lives by, it comes from the Bible.  It says that we should live a life of love because Christ loved us first and gave His life for us.  This is what we are all about, Love.  There is so much to be thankful for and right now we are most thankful for you.  For all that you are doing for this baby, for the love you have in your heart and the courage.  We want you to know that we are so proud of you and we love you, that we have hopes and dreams for you….for us.  Thank you so much and we hope beyond all hopes we get the chance to meet you soon.

With the greatest love and respect,

Keith and Julie Wolfe
Abigail, all of our wonderful pets, our awesome friends, our steadfast church and our very, very excited family.