Kareem and Ruba’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you very much for considering us and taking the time to read our letter. We know that many of life’s decisions are difficult, but we hope that getting to know us a little more will make this decision a little easier. Both you and your child have been in our thoughts and prayers and we ask God to guide you through this process. We would be honored to share the love, joy and laughter we have in our home with your child.

We are Kareem and Ruba. We met in 2007 while we were both in graduate school, one in Atlanta and the other in Chicago. We had a long distance relationship for several years until we graduated and then were married in 2010. We lived in Chicago for 3 years while Kareem did his Emergency Medicine training and after completing that training, we decided to move to Texas to start our family. We have always dreamed about having 4 children and in 2014, we had our first child, Luke. During the delivery, Ruba had some complications which resulted in an emergency hysterectomy in order to save her life. This was obviously unexpected, but we felt blessed that mother and baby were safe and healthy. We were very content with our life, but our original family plan never left our hearts. The desire for a larger family was ultimately what brought us to adoption.

We live in a suburb a few miles south of Houston, Texas. Our home is a newly built house with plenty of space for more kids. Our neighborhood has lots of families with young children, several parks and a neighborhood pool.

Kareem is an Emergency Medicine physician. He is very good at his job, disciplined and dedicated. If he decides to do something, he goes all in and accomplishes what he sets his mind to. Aside from work, he has many talents and interests including woodworking, cooking, and learning new skills, to name a few. Kareem is easy going, friendly, and is great with kids. He is a hands on daddy to our son Luke and is a great family man.

Ruba is a part-time pharmacist, but also runs a home based skin care business. She is passionate about helping people feel better about themselves and is always thinking of new ways to help those around her. Ruba is a very attentive and devoted mother. She is always finding ways to make others happy, so it’s not unusual to find Ruba and Luke having a dance party in our living room, which is Luke’s favorite activity. Ruba enjoys family time, exercising, travel and, of course, dancing. She is a dedicated and loving mother and the best wife a guy could ask for.

Luke is a funny, smart, strong willed, 4 year old who is full of love and laughter. Luke loves music, playing instruments and dancing. He also loves baseball, board games, reading and playing outdoors. He enjoys helping mommy bake and helping dad in the garage or garden. Luke keeps us very entertained and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

We believe that when God is at the center of our marriage, He helps to keep us strong. Our faith and our church play a big part in our lives. Luke has grown to love church and we look forward bringing up another child in our church family. We enjoy spending our free time together as a family. We often take day trips to the beach, visit museums and attend events at local parks. Kareem’s parents also live 20 minutes away from us so we get to see them several times a week. They are very loving and hands-on and are excited about being grandparents again.

We thank you again for taking time to read our letter. You are a courageous, strong and loving mother. We look forward to getting to know you better through this process. We are praying for you and send our love.

Kareem and Ruba