Justin and Meredith’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We will not pretend to understand the emotions you are going through. We want you to know that we think choosing adoption for your child is one of the most courageous and selfless things anyone could ever do. Because of strong women like you, we get a chance at becoming parents and for that we are truly grateful. There is no such thing as a perfect parent, but there are some promises we will make you. We promise to love your child unconditionally. We promise to raise your child in a Christian home and do everything we can to ensure your child becomes a Christian. And last, but far from least, we promise to tell your child how much he/she is loved by their birth parents.

Like many, infertility led us to adoption. Meredith always wanted to be a wife and mother. Hearing from a doctor we will not have biological children was heartbreaking.  There were a lot of tears shed but we continue to remind ourselves that God does not make mistakes. Infertility was not a mistake and our path to adoption was planned by our God. We know He has an amazing plan in store for us and our family, and we cannot wait to see how it unfolds through adoption.

We met at church during bible class in 2014. We hit it off instantly and have been inseparable ever since. We are truly best friends and make a great team. We were married in June 2016. Shortly after, we decided we wanted to be close to family when we began trying to grow our family. We moved back to Justin’s hometown in 2018.

We now live in a small town in middle TN. The majority of Justin’s family lives within 2 miles so we spend a lot of time with them. Meredith’s family lives about an hour away but we visit frequently. Justin works at the local hospital as a physical therapist and Meredith works for a nearby school district as a school psychologist. We both love our jobs and plan to continue working once children arrive. Justin’s mom, who is retired, keeps Justin’s twin brother’s and sister’s children, so our children will have several cousins to play with every day.

Most weekdays after work are spent making dinner together, walking the neighborhood, and watching a Disney movie before bed. We both love sports! We frequently attend ball games in our community and enjoy watching our niece and nephew play ball on weekdays. Most weekends are spent around the house, at church, watching Braves baseball and spending time with family. We are big ATL Braves fans! We travel frequently to the beach and to the smokey mountains during summer and school breaks. Christmas is our favorite holiday! We go all out, decorating the inside and outside of the house. We try to put up our Christmas tree on November 1st but have been known to put it up on Halloween night! We can’t wait to share our fun and traditions with a child.

We appreciate you reading our letter and hope it brings you a sense of peace. Our prayer is that you find the perfect fit for you and your child, whether it is with us or not. We have been praying for you already and will continue to do so. Because Justin is also adopted, we know what a blessing adoption is to families. We look forward to growing our family with a child and hopefully building lifelong friendships with birth parents.

With love,
Justin and Meredith

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