Josh and Macy’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

The two words that we use to most simply describe the adoption story to people is, brave love. We strongly believe that choosing life for your child, through adoption, is one of the most loving, caring, selfless and compassionate things that you can do for your child. Although we have been through one adoption story already, we can’t tell you how excited we are to go through a new, and completely unique, adoption journey with you.

We are Josh and Macy. We have been married since December 2010. We met at a wedding and it was truly love at first site. We went on a date a week later and the rest was history! We starting trying to grow our family about six years ago and long story short, we ended up at the fertility specialist. We were told we couldn’t have kids naturally and fertility treatment was recommended. We prayed about this decision, and ultimately felt God calling our hearts to adoption. We started the adoption journey January 2015 and our son was born December 2015. We fell so incredibly blessed to be apart of his adoption story. We are so excited to be growing our family again by adoption!

Josh is a project manager for a construction company. He graduated from Texas Tech in 2013. Josh loves to work with his hands and always has a project to do. He loves working in his shop, fishing and hunting but most of all he loves being a dad. He is very hands-on, and when he comes home every day he gets on the floor and plays with our son.

Macy is a nurse, but currently stays home with our son. She loves working in the women’s ministry at our church, hunting and fishing with Josh, shopping and watching cheesy romantic movies. One of her favorite things to do is have game night with the family. We are so blessed to have all of our family and extended family living in the same town.

Our son Aiden who was born in 2015, has the biggest heart. He loves his cousins who are all three close to his age. We are so blessed to get to see them every week. Our son is so excited to be a big brother; he talks about it all the time! We enjoy many things as a family from making a fort in the living room to going to Colorado every summer with Macy’s parents and brothers. We go fishing, hiking, and camping. We love being surrounded by God’s creation.

Our first adoption story taught us many things. The most important thing that we carry with us is our belief that every adoption story has three important pieces. The birth family, the adoptive family and of course the baby. Each piece of the adoption puzzle is very different but, at the same time have one very essential thing in common, Love. We hope you consider our family to become part of your adoption story and share in the abundant amount of Love we already have for you and your baby.

Josh & Macy

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