Jonathan and Cassie’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We thank God for you! This is likely an overwhelming time for you, but we want you to know that God is honored by your choice to carry your child. We are the Webbs, and we hope to meet you in person to reaffirm our deep admiration for your rare and beautiful courage.

As you look through our family photo album, we want you to know someone is missing. We believe God is going to send us the child that will complete these pictures, and we have been asking this of Him since before we were married. Although we have two biological toddler daughters, we have been dreaming and praying about sharing in God’s story of adoption. Adoption is a beautiful picture of God’s love, and we want to be part of that! Because God adopted us into His family through Jesus, we want to add to our family in that way, too. We are trusting that God will provide above anything that we could ask or imagine, both in the raising of the child and in our relationship with you. Our daughters are gentle and nurturing, and they would be proud big sisters to another sibling. We would love to have children close together in age to maximize the memories they will make together.

From the very start, we are determined to provide the best for the baby we bring home. Not only will he or she be enthusiastically welcomed into the sibling “pack” by our daughters, but Cassie will breastfeed the baby to supply the greatest nutrition and immune support. Jonathan works as a mechanical engineering manager at an automation company which allows Cassie to invest her time with our children. Before she was a mom, Cassie was a teacher, so she can’t help making our home into a place for constant learning and fun. We value knowing and learning to appreciate people of different cultural backgrounds, and we are raising our children to speak both Spanish and English. Our children will also grow up loving and serving others by our side as we are starting a ministry at a local farm to share Jesus with international communities and students.

We met at Vanderbilt University, became best friends, and have been married for five years. Spending time together usually means doing something active, like hiking, fishing, or playing tennis. We love to take the girls to the park, go on walks to the duck pond, and ride our bikes. We also love to sing and play the guitar. Somebody is singing all the time in our house, and it is often a silly song. We have a song for brushing our teeth, for big girl panties, for dinner time, and for just about everything! We emphasize sharpening our minds, taking care of our bodies, and putting our talents to work. How exciting it would be to discover and unlock all sorts of potential in your child while appreciating exactly how God made him or her!

God has overwhelmingly blessed us with loving, accepting, and committed families. We make a big effort to spend time with them throughout the year, but we especially love to meet up at Possum Kingdom Lake or Lake City, Colorado. We don’t know families with more members who loyally and fiercely love each other like ours do. We have learned how to love others firstly from Jesus Christ and secondly from them. The love in our family is too good not to share.

This is the life in which we invite your baby to thrive. Your baby will be certain of the deep love and care that went into your adoption plans. You will be our hero and your child’s hero because you loved enough to put his or her needs above your own. We pray all God’s wisdom and peace upon you in this time of many questions.

Until our prayers have your faces,
Jonathan and Cassie Webb

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