Jim and Gina’s Letter

Dear Birth Mom,

Thank you for carrying your sweet baby, something we are not capable of doing. We also want to thank you for being so selfless and loving to consider placing that baby with a family who desires to adopt. I cannot imagine all the stress and emotions that you are going through right now, but I can say how much I, as someone that was unable to safely carry a baby to full term, appreciate you and all of your strength and courage during this time. Jim and I want you to know that we are praying for peace for you during this time, and understand that the couple you choose is who God is guiding you toward.

We met and started dating in 2007, and knew very quickly that we would be spending the rest of our lives together. We got married in 2008, and have gone through several life altering times since then. We have endured a life-threatening pregnancy (for Gina & our daughter), the purchase of our home, building our farming business, the death of Gina’s dad, and now, this adoption journey. Life is full of ups and downs, and we feel like we have learned how to depend on God and each other through the good and the bad. We are confident that we can weather any storm, not because we are strong, but because God is strong in us.

Jim is a farmer. He works hard in the fields and is diligent with his business to provide well for our family. Farming is more than just a career for Jim, it is something he truly loves to do. Caring for the land, God’s creation, is important to him, and any success comes through faith. As a family, we spend time together on the farm, including checking crops on the gator, and helping out during harvest. Farming can be a very hectic life, but also very peaceful at the same time. Gina is a Physical Therapist, and loves her job as it relates to people. She is able to spend time with elderly people, something she loves, and has the pleasure of a very flexible schedule.

We both accepted Christ as our savior when we were young, and have continued to develop our relationship over the past 20+ years. We try to surround ourselves with friends and family that are grounded in their faith, to help strengthen and encourage us during life’s ups and downs. We are active in our church, and hope to pass along our faith to our children.

We had a daughter in 2009, named Samantha. She is full of energy, full of questions, and full of fun! She has begged us for a brother or sister for the past couple years, but we were not able to have another child biologically. We knew we wanted more than one child, and are so excited to realize that God plans for us to have another child and Samantha have a sibling – through adoption!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little more about us. We are praying for you to have peace in your decision, and trust that God has a perfect plan for you, your baby, and our family. We find peace in knowing that He will lead you, and us to follow His plan. One of Gina’s favorite verses is, “In his heart a man plans his course, but God determines his footsteps.” Proverbs 16:9. We hope you find the same comfort in that verse that we do.

Praying for you always,

Jim & Gina