Jeremy and Julie’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We have been thinking about you and praying for you, and we want you to know just how moved we are by your selfless decision to place your child with an adoptive family. We know this is probably a difficult time for you. We’re praying for peace and strength for you as you walk this road.

Our names are Jeremy and Julie. We were friends for several years before we fell in love and got married in 2010, and we’re still best friends today. We love having deep discussions about God and books and current events, but we also love laughing and being silly together. We spend most of our free time outside hiking, camping, boating, or barbequing and swimming at Julie’s parents’ ranch. Our son, Derek, is an active two-year-old with a caring heart who will make a wonderful big brother. We also have three miscarried babies who are waiting for us in heaven. While we miss them dearly, we believe that God has used our loss to point us toward a new, beautiful story He is creating through adoption. We love being parents and still have so much love to give, and we are beyond excited to meet the new little person God has planned to join our family.

Jeremy works as a railroad conductor for BNSF Railway. While he doesn’t have a regular 9-5, Monday to Friday schedule, his hours allow for a lot of weekday spontaneity (the zoo is much less crowded on a Tuesday!). He enjoys studying theology, hunting, and working in the garage, but during most of his days off you can find him on the floor playing with Derek. Julie is primarily a stay-at-home mom. She loves being home with Derek, and being able to be flexible around Jeremy’s schedule. Being at home has also allowed her to form a wonderful friend group of fellow moms, which also means lots of play date opportunities. When the kids are school age, she plans on going back to work as an English teacher so that Jeremy can return to more regular hours.

We love living in the beautiful Texas hill country. There are bike trails, hiking trails, campgrounds, lakes, and rivers only minutes from our house. We’re far enough from the city to enjoy the slower pace of small town life, but close enough to frequent the many attractions of downtown San Antonio. Our neighborhood is full of young families like us and is in a very desirable school district. We have a huge backyard with a playset and garden. Our church is right down the road and many of our church friends also live in the neighborhood. We are also blessed to live close to Julie’s family. Her parents and grandparents live a few minutes away, and her brother and sister-in-law live right down the street. We go out to dinner, camp, and boat with them often. The entire family is eagerly awaiting another grandchild/great-grandchild/niece or nephew to love.

We can hardly wait to cherish, guide, nurture, and unconditionally love this child, but we’re also anxious to meet the amazing person who has given them life and entrusted us with such a precious gift: their birth mom. No matter what level of openness you might choose to have with us, your child would always be told of the selfless love their birth mother demonstrated by choosing adoption. As you face the difficult decisions ahead, we are praying that God gives you peace and confidence in your choice. Thank you so much for considering us for this enormous privilege.

Jeremy & Julie

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