JC and Michelle’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Well hello and what an honor to have you read our letter. We have started writing to you so many times and continually have to start over because there are so many things to say but not enough room on one page to fully explain all the things we would love to tell you. Our hearts race away at wondering what thoughts must be running through your mind during this time.

We are so grateful that you chose to give your child the opportunity to live life to the fullest and that we have the opportunity and incredible honor of helping them do just that. We don’t know if you believe in God but we most certainly do and we pray for you constantly to have peace and even joy in knowing that there is a family, ours we hope, that already loves your child and looks forward to a lifetime of loving and nurturing them.

I, Michelle, was a single mom for a long time. I have a beautiful daughter named Londyn was born in 1999. For many years I prayed for the perfect husband, one who would love my daughter as his own and who would be committed to us forever. God answered my prayers in February of 2012 when I met JC. He took my daughter in as his own when she was twelve years old; he was everything I prayed for and more. We knew from the beginning we wanted two more children. However, we got married later in life so we knew adoption was an option from the very beginning. We did a few rounds of fertility treatments and were blessed with our son Valentino who was born in 2016. He can’t wait to have a younger sibling to hug and be best buds with.

We began praying for our second baby through adoption and God led us to Christian Homes. We believe the families that are built through this organization are truly blessed.

We live in a beautiful neighborhood with wonderful families and lots of children all around. We live in a wakeboard/water ski community….a great place to grow up. Our family has so many hobbies(scuba diving, wakeboarding, surfing, kite surfing, horseback riding, dirt bike riding, ATV riding, working out, traveling the world , playing polo, hunting, kayaking and paddle boarding) and we are very outgoing so “Your Little Nugget” will always be doing something adventurous.

JC is an engineer and he works 9-5 every day. Michelle is in the mortgage industry and has been blessed with a job that allows her to work from home. We have two adorable fur babies. A boxer named Lilly and a French Mastiff named Gemma. They watch over Valentino and he crawls all over them. Sometimes he even tries to ride them.

Your baby will be loved beyond words in a house that values love, faith and family above all else! God willing, you will feel that we are the right family for your baby. We are so excited and anxious to meet you! Thank you for considering us for the most generous gift anyone can give.

Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do and he will show you which path to take.”

We are praying for you every day sweet one. We pray that God will give you peace, comfort and wisdom during this journey. You are so precious to us. We love you and are looking forward to meeting you. God bless you.

JC and Michelle

Christian Homes & Family Services