Jay and Arlene’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We appreciate this very difficult decision you have to make. May God bless you and provide all that you need physically, emotionally and spiritually on your journey.

We are Jochen “Jay” and Arlene. We met online while Arlene was in her last semester of college. It was love at first sight for both of us, and here we are nine years later still madly in love. We met in 2009, married in 2011 and bought our first home in 2015. We have a super sweet two year old Golden Retriever, Bella, who loves to catch frisbees and swim. We have many wonderful friends with young children who come over for BBQ’s and to hang out on the patio. We attend a church nearby where we have met many friends and enjoyed serving. We love to travel and take at least one vacation out of the country a year. We both scuba dive and enjoy exploring new places and making memories. We live a busy, full and blessed life. Sadly, we had difficulty conceiving naturally. We tried in-vitro fertilization three times, which didn’t work. We were heart-broken but knew that God had a different plan for us. Jay’s mother is adopted, and we feel that God led us down this path to adopt as well.

Jay grew up in a small village in Germany where all of his family still lives and has lived for five generations. He relocated to Texas in 2005 and fell in love with it immediately. He has worked as a Mechanical Engineer for the same German Optical Machine manufacturer for over twenty three years. He loves to cook and to play disc golf on the weekends with friends. He loves the Dallas Cowboys, and has been their biggest fan since he was a little boy in Germany. People would describe him as funny, competitive, loyal, warm and generous.

Arlene grew up in Austin. In 2005, she moved to Denton to pursue her dream of receiving her Bachelors in Child Development and Masters in Occupational Therapy, specializing in Pediatrics. She has worked with children with special needs for nine years, which is her biggest passion. She works in Home Health for a major children’s hospital. She will be a full-time mommy once blessed with a baby. She loves to scuba dive, garden, see live music and socialize. People would describe her as sweet, nurturing, social, fun, loving and creative.

We hope to provide a child with an amazing life full of love, education, travel and fun. Our child will be bi-lingual, as Jay’s first language is German. We will travel to Germany often to visit with family and will take many vacations. We will always put God first, and encourage our child to have a close relationship with God. We are blessed to have a home with plenty of space for a baby and are ready to grow our family.

Arlene and Jay

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