Jake and Rebekah’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We are so honored and excited to share in your story. We know already that your child is deeply loved because you have made such a brave and loving decision in choosing adoption, and we cannot wait to join you in loving this baby! We know that we will be bonded for the rest of our lives simply because of your bravery, your love, and your sacrifice. As adoptive parents, it will be our goal to continue loving and sacrificing for this child just as you have done.

We are Jake and Rebekah—it is so nice to meet you! We grew up attending the same school and began dating in high school. On August 3, 2013, we married, and we have been so glad that we get to spend every day together ever since. Jake loves to be goofy and to make others laugh, and Rebekah is the most caring person Jake has ever met.

We both love to read, go on walks around our neighborhood, and watch sports together (especially hockey! We know it’s strange to love hockey, but we do!) We live nearby friends who we attend church with, and we regularly get to spend time with them and their young family (a 2 ½ year old and an infant). We are excited that our kids will get to grow up together!

Rebekah works for a non-profit organization that her parents started over 20 years ago. They provide summer camps, mentor clubs, and retreats for kids who are in the foster care system. Rebekah grew up volunteering with this ministry, and now that she is on staff, she has found the perfect job to be able to share her caring spirit and gentleness with children who need a little extra love. Jake works for a church as a minister where we have attended for about 5 years. We both grew up in church, and so having a place where we can share our love of God together is important to us. It also means that we have a very large “extended family”! Our church family is so excited to get to meet this baby and to share their love for this child, too.

Both of our parents live in town near us, and we both have a set of grandparents who live nearby too. We love getting to spend time together with both of our families—watching movies and visiting with Rebekah’s family and playing board games with Jake’s family are some of our favorite things to do. Our families are excited to meet, love, and help care for this baby!

We have given adoption a lot of thought and are both ready to share all the love that we have with this baby. Though we do not struggle with infertility or other reasons that typically drive people to adopt, we have always felt like adoption would be part of our journey. We love thinking about raising children in order to help them learn and grow. We are excited about the idea of an open adoption and having you involved in this child’s life. We know that you love your child and will continue to love them, and so having you in their life will be so important for them to know that they are loved by all of their parents. Please know that we are praying for you and for your baby. We know that you have incredible strength and are so brave. We are honored that you are even reading our letter right now, and we hope that you find the right adoptive parents.

With Love,
Jake and Rebekah

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