Hunter and Jennifer’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We are Hunter and Jennifer Hanner. We’ve been married since 2003 and were high school sweethearts. Our oldest son Benton was born in 2008, and twin sons Caleb and Clayton followed in 2011. Since that time, we have felt compelled to adopt to grow our family. During this process, we’ve spent a lot of time wondering about and praying for you and the life you’re carrying inside you. Here’s what we can guess about you based on your decision to seek out an adoptive family for your unborn child….

You are a fighter―you are willing to put yourself through the uncomfortable ups and downs of pregnancy with an adoption plan in mind. You’re brave―when life doesn’t go as planned, you do what you feel is best for the future of your baby even at great cost to you. Possibly you might be a little stubborn―no matter what the people around you say, you choose for your baby to grow up in a safe and loving Christian home, even if it’s not your home.

Here’s what we’d like you to know about us…we haven’t walked an easy road either. Hunter lives by the motto of God first, family second, and anything else third. Hunter is a fighter―he was born with a genetic blood disorder that left him unable to kill bacteria. At the age of 30, he had a bone marrow transplant that cured him of his blood disorder, but he had to overcome full body chemo. Today, he’s healthy. After beating all of this, we’re certain that God’s not done with Hunter yet and we take every opportunity to share his story of not quitting when life gets hard. Hunter is brave―through his journey, he’s learned to rely on God as the source of strength for whatever tomorrow holds. Hunter is a little stubborn―most people would have given up, but he’s done it all for the love and future of his family. Hunter is the GM of his family’s car and RV dealership and spends his days off outdoors enjoying God’s creation.

Jennifer was born to be a mom. As a former first grade teacher who now stays home with our boys, nurturing is what she does best. She’s a fighter―Jennifer is a fierce and protective mom. Jennifer is brave―as a planner, the unknowns of a bone marrow transplant were overwhelming, but she decided to walk in faith and find peace in what God called their family to do. Jennifer is stubborn―through all of Hunter’s health battles, she found strength to take care of Hunter’s needs and to make sure that her boys were secure and loved. That whole saying of “it takes a village” means a lot to us as our extended families and church family rallied around us to help us.

We frequently travel together, love to swim in our backyard pool, and try to show Jesus to everyone we meet. Our boys are ready to spoil and protect a baby that will complete our family. Both of our parents and extended families live nearby. We’ve walked through the fire, and have found the beauty and love of family arise and thrive from the ashes. Our goal as parents is to equip our children to face the realities of this world as independent, well adjusted, God fearing adults who know they are deeply loved by us and God. We would be honored to be entrusted to love and raise your baby.

Hunter and Jennifer Hanner