Hunter and Jennifer

We are so excited about adding to our family through the blessing of adoption. Hunter is the GM of a car and RV dealership owned by his family, and Jennifer is a former elementary school teacher that now stays home with our three boys. Benton, Caleb, and Clayton can’t wait to step into the protective big brother roles. We love that both our parents, and all our siblings live near us and share life with us. Our family enjoys spending time together outdoors. We frequently travel to the mountains to ski, hike, and recharge from the busyness of our everyday lives. Also, we enjoy celebrating the anniversary of Hunter’s successful bone marrow transplant that cured his genetic blood disorder with a family vacation time to remember what God has done in our lives.

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Basic Information

Name:  Hunter
Age:  36
Education:  Bachelors of Business Administration
Profession:  Car/RV Dealer
Personality Traits:  Motivated, determined, protective, fun loving
Race/Ethnicity:  White/Caucasian
Religion:  Church of Christ
Hobbies & Interests:  Anything outdoors-golf, hiking, snow skiing, fishing, hunting

Name:  Jennifer
Age:  35
Education:  Bachelor of Science-Elementary Education
Profession:  CEO Hanner Residence
Personality Traits:  Caring, competitive, quiet, loving, hard working
Race/Ethnicity:  White/Caucasian
Religion:  Church of Christ
Hobbies & Interests:  Cooking, monogramming, exercising, being outdoors with my boys

We Hope to Adopt A Child Who Is...

Age:  Infant-3 Months
Race/Ethnicity:  Anglo; Black; Hispanic; Anglo/Black; Anglo/Hispanic; Black/Hispanic
Will Consider:  Healthy or medical needs on a case by case basis

We have learned to trust God in the good times and the bad, and feel so much peace that he will knit our family together according to his plan. Our family has been praying for many years for the blessing of another child. We love our church family and community that have walked and prayed with us through many trials. We’ve already lived through a fire, and believe that true beauty has arisen from the ashes. We wouldn’t trade the hard times for anything, because its given us a better perspective on what’s truly important in life. God is in control yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

More Information about Our Family

Married:  16 years
Residence:  5 bedroom home with acreage
State:  Texas
Neighborhood:  Rural feel in the city limits
Other Children:  Benton (11) Caleb & Clayton (8)