George and Beth’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Both your life and the life of your baby are so precious to God and also to us. God entrusted you to carry this miracle into the world, and we have great respect for the deep love you already have for your baby. We realize that your decision to choose adoption requires serious reflection and that you are proving how courageous you are by even considering such a difficult and selfless decision. We also recognize the sacrifices you are making for the love of your baby. We will continue praying for you as the Lord is working in your life and as you are deciding important next steps about what is best for your baby. We have also already joined you in dreaming about his or her future and want with all of our hearts to provide him or her with lots of love and the best opportunities to succeed in life. Thank you for loving your baby so much that we may also have the opportunity to love him or her. We can’t wait to meet this little one!

Our names are George and Beth and we are so excited about adopting our first child and starting on the adventure of parenthood. We met in college and were close friends for several years before getting married in 2009. We now live in North Texas, where George serves as Executive Pastor of our church and Beth works in Human Resources at a local graduate school. We both enjoy serving others through our daily work.

George is originally from Virginia and Beth grew up in Florida. Family is very important to both of us, and, because we live far from them, both we and our family members travel often for visits and keep in touch by phone & FaceTime between visits.

We each have a brother and a sister and also have three nephews and two nieces who are ready for another cousin to join the group at family gatherings. All but one of our siblings are married, each to great spouses, including George’s sister’s husband, who was adopted as a child himself. Our parents and our siblings are not only supportive of adoption but are also excited for the opportunity to be Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, and Uncle to the little one who will one day become our son or daughter. Our local church has also become like family to us and has been a great support over the past several years. Your baby is already well-loved by so many people who can’t wait to meet him or her in person!

We have dreamed of becoming parents for years and hope to someday have a family with several children. For now, though, it’s just the two of us and our two dogs, Lexie and Sadie. Both are great with children and will make wonderful playmates. Even before we were married we discussed what it would one day look like to grow our family through adoption, so we are excited to finally be at this point in the process. We also know that we have built a home filled with love and are anxious to share that love with a new baby. We would consider it a great privilege and responsibility to raise that child to follow Jesus and love and serve others.

In our free time, we enjoy being with family & friends, traveling & exploring new places, working on projects around the house, and being outdoors. We also love to laugh and have fun. We are very involved in our church community, and we enjoy opportunities that allow us to serve others together. Some of our favorite places to travel are to the beach, the mountains, and throughout the many little towns found around Texas.

Thank you for taking time to read this note and learn more about us. We are excited to be on this adoption journey and look forward to the day we are finally able to meet you!

With Love,
George & Beth