Eric and D’Naye’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

First of all, we want to thank you for choosing life for your precious child.  We don’t know how you must be feeling right now with these decisions before you, but please know we see your bravery and love for your child in this decision. God is amazing and we praise Him for giving you the courage to share the gift of life.

Our names are Eric and D’Naye. We are from a small town in New Mexico where we grew up together. We married in 2010 and God has blessed our marriage with much love, laughter, and friendship. After graduating college, we came back to our hometown to put down roots so that our children would be surrounded by family and a whole community of love and support. While we anticipated that adoption would be part of our story, we had no idea how beautifully God would write these chapters of our lives.

D’Naye is a stay-at-home mom to our daughter. She has a compassionate heart for others and a desire to share Christ’s love in her friendships. D’Naye enjoys having people over for dinner and making the ordinary moments special.

Eric works as an agriculture consultant and also runs his own business. He enjoys many different outdoor activities, but most of all loves being a dad! He and Charlotte spend a lot of quality time together and she thinks her daddy hung the moon. Eric has an energetic personality with a servant’s heart. He is always ready to help people any way he can.

Our daughter, Charlotte, came to us through adoption in 2015. What an incredible gift she has been to us! She is a bright, outgoing, joy-filled little girl who is adored by our community! Charlotte loves painting, dancing, and singing. Both sets of grandparents live minutes away and their houses are her favorite places to be, especially when cousins are in town.

Our hearts are so ready for another child to come into our family! Charlotte has been praying for our “blessing from above” and we look forward to our children growing up together and forming a life-long bond. As parents, we want to instill in our children Christ’s love, raise them up to follow Him and show them how to share His love with others.

We welcome the chance to develop a relationship with you in a way that you would feel comfortable. Our prayer for you is that God will give you strength, wisdom, and peace to make the best decisions for you and your sweet baby.

In Christ,
Eric & D’Naye

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