Dustin and Ashley’s Letter

Hello. We want you to know that you are loved. Whatever you are going through right now is hard, but you can do it. You will find the right support. We would love to be a part of that support system that helps you through this time. You have chosen life for your baby, which is a beautiful thing to be proud of. The life that your child leads is a testament to the sacrifice that you have made for them and brings light to even the darkest of moments.

We are Dustin and Ashley. We are a Christian couple who spend most of our time helping educate and mentor young adults. Dustin is the Director of Upward Bound, a federal program that helps first-generation students get into college. Ashley is the Dean of Instruction at a high school where she helps struggling students get their high school diplomas. We love children and are blessed to be able to help young people achieve what they think is beyond their grasp. We have struggled with infertility throughout our marriage. Our infertility journey led us to foster care and allowed us to foster six beautiful children in our home. We had the opportunity to adopt one of them; he has been such a joy. While we love being a family of three, we all agree that someone is missing and hope to add a new baby to our family.

We were both raised on a ranch with lots of animals. This is home. We love the peace and quiet beauty of God’s countryside. The ranch that we currently live on is in West Texas. We raise cattle, goats, chickens, two dogs, and one fat cat. We spend lots of time outside working with the animals, collecting eggs or milk, hunting, or enjoying each other’s company. We enjoy grilling and eating dinner outside in the cool evenings or roasting marshmallows by the fire. In the summers, we are almost always in the water, swimming in the pool or enjoying the Texas beaches.

We are both dedicated to our work, and our jobs keep us busy, but our son always comes first. He has immersed himself in campus life and is often with us when we have to work weekends or evenings. Our high school cheerleaders, dancers, and student council members consider Corban an honorary member and love seeing him when Ashley works at the evening athletic events. When Dustin works in the summer academy at the university, Corban gets tutored alongside Dustin’s students. We keep him involved in our activities, and because of that, he gets to have multiple big brothers and sisters.

We also love our church family. No matter what season of life we are experiencing, we are always accepted and loved there. They have been so supportive of our journey of infertility, and we all look forward to what this next season of life brings.

Please know that you and your baby are loved and prayed for daily. We understand the sacrifice that you are making in allowing someone else to raise your child. Know that your child will always be loved and loved by many. Your child will know the Lord. Your child will be raised in a way that honors the sacrifice that you have made for them and is a representation of the love that you have for them. Grace and peace to you.

With so much love,
Dustin and Ashley

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