David and Leah

Our home is a place filled with joy, laughter, and lots of love. We enjoy making pizza together, having a family movie night, or playing a game of Old Maid. Our family walks around the lake after dinner with our daughter (aka “giggly goose”) and our dog Max are some of our sweetest times. We love to explore the outdoors and are beginning to camp and teach our daughter to fish. We’ve been taking day trips around our state and are about to embark on visiting our National Parks. We want to grow our family, and believe that God has called us to adoption. We want a sibling for our little girl, a lifelong friend to share all the play, giggles, and fun of childhood with. We are hopeful that He has lead us to you, and that we could share all of this with your child for a lifetime.

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Basic Information

Name:  David
Age:  42
Education:  Bachelor’s Degree in Radio/Film/Television
Profession:  Television Editor
Personality Traits:  Funny, trustworthy, tenacious
Race/Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Religion:  Christian
Hobbies & Interests:  Off roading/outdoor adventures, movies, reading, exercise

Name:  Leah
Age:  42
Education:  Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education
Profession:  Teacher
Personality Traits:  Sweet, compassionate, funny
Race/Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Religion:  Christian
Hobbies & Interests:  Travel, reading, exercise, cooking

More Information about Our Family

Married:  17 years
Residence:  3 bedroom, single story, brick home
State:  Texas
Neighborhood:  Suburban/rural
Other Children:  10-year-old daughter
Contact Email:  goteamking@protonmail.com