Dann and Ginger’s Letter

Dear birthmother,

In a world full of many options you have made a hard, but selfless decision. As we write this letter we are thinking about you. One of the reasons we chose Christian Homes is because we care about you. The story of your life and your baby’s life doesn’t end here.

Our family story began with two imperfect people following God’s direction and finding each other. We have been married since 2010, and friends for longer than that. We enjoy doing service projects together, traveling and hanging out with our extended family. Dann works for an oil company and Ginger teaches at the local community college. We have one son. Aaron, who attends preschool where Ginger works. This allows for a lot of time together. Our home is close to the college in a quiet and safe neighborhood. We have two dogs, Lady and Bobbles. Our two dogs are great with kids and are loving and loyal.

While we are blessed to have one child, we wish we had more. Our son even prays to God for a baby. He will make a great big brother. Infertility almost kept us from having Aaron and it has certainly stepped in to prohibit us from having any more biological children. While we are sad, we do know that the opportunity to adopt has now blossomed out of our infertility. We look forward to the gift of another child in our home.

Our home has been through the hurts and joys of life. Dann and Ginger each have had struggles that have made us stronger people. Our challenges we have been through have brought us closer together. We have been through loss of jobs, house moves, family deaths, disabilities, injuries, surgeries, weather crisis and certainly infertility issues.

We are humbled to be considered as adoptive parents. We have a loving home waiting for a new baby. We do plan to have help with caring for our new baby, whether it be Dann’s mother or using the daycare where Ginger works. The great thing about Ginger’s job is the flexibility she has with her hours. She can be very available for our children’s needs. Dann’s mother can also be available. She and Papa live in town and are eager to help.

Everyone in our family loves to read, create and use their imaginations. We also enjoy outside time, sports and music. Our family participates in activities at church and we want to make sure our children have a chance to experience the best life God has planned for them. We thank you for considering us. We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

Dann and Ginger

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