Damon and Julie’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Hi there. This letter has got to be even odder to read than it is to write. You are in a difficult situation, trying to make impossible decisions. We can’t even begin to imagine all your emotions. Fear, denial, confusion, maybe joy, and you may just be completely numb. Be proud of yourself, though, because we are. You are refusing to let circumstances define you or your child, and are making the best decision to give you both the best life possible. That is incredibly brave and never let anyone tell you different. You are in our prayers as we write this, and it doesn’t matter if you choose us. May God bless you with wisdom, bravery, and peace as you make difficult choices.

We are Damon and Julie. We have been married since 2000, and we got married when both of us were a little older. We have traveled the infertility road and cannot have children biologically. We have prayed about adoption and believe the Lord has led us here for us and for very special children. In 2013, we adopted a boy through Christian Homes of Abilene, and James has transformed our lives. Neither Damon or I were only children, and we want so much to expand our love and family with another little one. (James is excited too.) We believe it is the duty and joy of parents to make sure each child in the home is loved and nurtured in their own gifts.

Damon works for Social Security, and he writes science fiction. He loves history, particularly World War II and the American West. He loves reading, movies, travel, comic books, planes and trains. He loves being silly with children. He is a deacon, a church treasurer, on the missions committee and teaches Bible class. He loves being a dad and wants another child deeply. He is an involved father, from diapers to discipline, to playing trains and the zoo.

Julie is a history professor at a local university. She loves gardening, paining, music, reading, movies, and entertaining. She sponsors the college historical honor society, and the students are often at our house. She helps teach a ladies Bible class and has taught fourth graders, too. Her parents visit us regularly, and we are both close to them and her siblings. Being a college professor allows her to spend time each day at home, and she loves being a stay-at-home mom about four months a year, building with legos, doing play dates, and playing piano.

We love being together, whether just staying at home or going to dinner theater. Our house isn’t perfect and is rarely spotless, but it is home and it is full of love and laughter. We have a home Bible study here every Wednesday. We take the sons of friends to Free Comic Book Day and have tea parties for the girls. Halloween and Christmas are big events with children and adults everywhere. We long to add a child to our home, and we are committed to raise that child to know the Lord and to surround him or her with love, laughter, dreams, and possibilities.

God bless you.

Damon & Julie