Dakota and Rebekah’s Letter

Dear Birthmother,

We know that this is probably not a place you ever thought you’d be at in your life, so we hope that God will give you peace. We know that this is not an easy time for you, and we recognize the struggles that you are facing. We want to help. We are all adopted into the family of God.

Our names are Dakota and Rebekah. We live in the country outside of a small, central Texas town. We believe in the simple life, and we think that our stability is the best gift we can offer this child. The end of the day almost always finds us settling down to dinner with the family. We met and married while we were in college, so we’ve been together since we were 19. In that time, we’ve sort of grown up together. Our small family enjoys spending time together. We garden and cook together and spend time with our extended family. We have room to share our love for each other as our family continues to grow through adoption.

Dakota is an outgoing, incredibly caring man who laughs a lot and plays with the kids. He has a love of learning and sense of fun that most people have lost by the time they’re adults. He is a salesman for a company that sells metal building supplies, and has regular hours that allow him to be home every day with our family.

Rebekah is an elementary school teacher and gets to spend summers and holidays at home with the kids. She is a kind, caring person who strives for fairness in the way she treats others. This trait works well with her job, as does her love of music and reading. She has a great respect for honesty and a playful nature seen only at home.

Our faith in Christ is very important to us, and we serve as the song leader and pianist at our church. Our faith leads us to help those around us when we can. We also value education and read together often. We may not be the most exciting couple in the world, but we love each other deeply. We have two daughters who are very excited about the adoption and welcome this with open hearts.

We live very close to Rebekah’s parents, who are retired, and keep the kids while we are both at work. This gives them a very close relationship with their grandparents, who are supportive of our decision to grow our family through adoption.

We pray that God will guide us, and you, to the match that He has planned. God bless you.

Dakota & Rebekah