Curt and Christy’s Letter

Dear beautiful woman,

You are on the journey of a lifetime, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Because of this, we know you are strong. You are courageous. You are loved dearly by people you know and by many you haven’t met yet. And above all, you are, and always will be, a mother.

Today we meet on paper because, in the middle of this journey, you are also responsible for choosing a family that will love and cherish your baby. How do we tell you all the things that are dear and deep to us?

Adoption has been part of our conversations for a very long time, especially since it is unlikely that we will get pregnant. However, we have the time, resources and the want to be parents.

Christy grew up in a small town in central Arkansas and has also lived in St. Louis, Dallas and Memphis. She attended seminary and worked in Dallas coordinating refugee, homeless and other urban ministries at a church. Christy now works from home for a creative firm. Curt has lived in Memphis his entire life. He attended medical school and is now both a pharmacist and owner of a pharmacy that cares for senior adults and developmentally disabled adults. Both of us fiercely love our families, and they are also dedicated to supporting and loving your child.

As a family, we have two sweet puppy dogs and no children. We love to hike, spend time outdoors and just drive around on a weekend afternoon. Personality-wise, Curt is goofy and extroverted while Christy loves to laugh but is a bit more reserved, watching and listening to people closely.

We can spend pages talking about our dreams and wishes for our family, but to sum it up, we promise:
• To always love and cherish your child
• To raise them in the Christian church
• Lead by example
• Develop a love for learning
• Encourage their unique gifts and talents
• Respect others
• Dream big
• Make sure life is always a fun adventure

Curt and Christy