Curt and Christy

We love adventure – from finding places to explore (and eat), hiking, cooking, or just driving around. At the end of every day, we simply love to spend time together. We can’t wait to add a baby to the journey!

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Basic Information

Name:  Curt
Age:  50
Education:  PharmD
Profession:  Owner/Pharmacist
Personality Traits:  Outgoing; fun; laid-back; goal oriented
Race/Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Religion:  Non-denominational
Hobbies & Interests:  Hiking; CrossFit

Name:  Christy
Age:  44
Education:  MABS
Profession:  Self-employed/communications and marketing
Personality Traits:  Compassionate; detailed oriented and focused
Race/Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Religion:  Non-denominational
Hobbies & Interests:  Reading; hiking; strength training

We Hope to Adopt A Child Who Is...

Age:  Newborn to 12 months
Race/Ethnicity:  Anglo; Hispanic; Asian; Native American; Anglo/Black; Anglo/Hispanic; Anglo/Asian; Anglo/Native American
Will Consider:  Healthy; special/medical needs on a case by case basis; twins

The ability to trust another person to love and care well for your baby is courageous and awe-inspiring. Thank you for considering us for this massive responsibility and honor. We promise to follow Christ, to raise our child to know they are loved by many (biological, adoptive, friends and family), to encourage a love of learning and encourage them to reach their dreams.

More Information about Our Family

Married:  3 years
Residence:  5 BR brick home
State:  Tennessee
Neighborhood:  Rural
Other Children:  N/A