Craig and Shalyn’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We are so thankful for the courageous woman you are and for making the decision to choose life. It is truly a legacy of love to your precious child. We are praying for God’s blessing in your life as you face many decisions.

We are Craig and Shalyn Cox. We married in 2004 and live in West Texas. Our relationship is centered on a love for Christ and a love and respect for one another.

We have been so richly blessed through the adoption of our little girl in 2014. We are excited to share our lives with a second child through adoption.

We are both pharmacists. Craig teaches at the School of Pharmacy, and Shalyn works as a clinical pharmacist at the local hospital. In our spare time, we enjoy traveling, golf and baseball. We often plan summer vacations to include sporting events. Craig is an avid sports fan and loves to travel to new places. Shalyn also enjoys sewing and crafts. Her sewing room is a treasure trove for craft projects.

We are both very close to our families. Craig grew up in the west coast region of Washington State. We travel to Washington once or twice a year to see his family. Shalyn grew up in Texas and her family lives close by. We spend a lot of time with Shalyn’s family on weekends and holidays.

We are excited to add to our family. It has been so awesome to be parents to Aubrey. We also adore our nieces and nephews and stay in touch with all of them. Our desire as parents is to share unconditional love, to grow in love and laughter, and to teach a child in the ways of Christ. Our family and friends are all supportive of our plans to adopt a child. Your child would be counted as a precious gift and blessing.

Shalyn plans to take 6 weeks off from work initially; Craig will also take off several weeks to care for the child placed with us. We plan for Craig’s mother to come for a few weeks to stay as well. Since we both work, the baby will eventually attend a childcare center 3 days per week at a nearby church where our daughter attends. The class sizes are limited to three children, so each child gets lots of personal attention and love.

We are humbled at the responsibility of adoption and are praying for God’s grace in this journey. We pray for His peace for you, and that He will give you strength and wisdom.

In His care,
Craig & Shalyn

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Psalm 139:14,16 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”