Cord and Valerie’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

First, we want to express how grateful we are that you chose the extremely courageous decision of adoption. We know that this has not been an easy decision, but we hope that you know we are here to support you. Secondly, because of your selfless act of love you are providing a couple a chance to love on your child. Thank you for providing that to the couple you choose.

Thank you for reading a little about our story! Our names are Cord and Valerie and we have been married since May 2012. We met on a blind double date in May 2010 where Cord’s cousin introduced us. We have been together ever since! We live in a rural area with our three dogs and bearded dragon. We live on a couple of acres of family land and are the 5th generation to live in our house. We did an extensive remodel throughout the years and are so excited to share the family history with the next generation! We are very family oriented. Cord’s parents are our neighbors and Valerie’s Mom lives 20 minutes away. They are all eager to share their love with a new addition!

A little about our background, we have been trying to grow our family since June 2016 with no success. We have spoken to many doctors and specialists and took what we learned and prayed, prayed, prayed! We finally concluded that God’s plan all along was for us to adopt. Thank goodness that our God is patient because it took us a while to figure out what He knew all along! We have a great sense of peace being on this adoption journey and know that God will lead us to our birth mother as well as lead you to your adoptive parents.

Cord has lived in Stephenville his entire life and works as a lineman apprentice for a local energy company. He enjoys working on his vehicle projects and fishing. Valerie is just a hop, skip, and jump from where she grew up and works as a Mortgage Compliance Analyst at a local bank. She enjoys reading and being active. We have a happy balance of staying home and going out. We love the life that we have built and cannot wait to share our love with you and your child if you choose us.

We are excited to meet you if you find it in your heart that we are the perfect couple to raise your child! We would love to build a relationship with you if that is your desire. Know that we are praying for you on this journey and that you are not alone. Thank you so much for reading a little bit about us.

In Christian Love,
Cord and Valerie

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