Colin and Roxanne’s Letter

While we try to understand those around us, given all of our different backgrounds and life experiences, it is not possible to totally understand someone else’s position or viewpoint. With that understanding. We can only begin to understand this journey you are set upon. We would be overjoyed to be part of transforming this time into a beginning with a bright future. In deciding upon adoption for your child, you have started out on a path intended to provide the best opportunity and security for their future. Our family realizes the trust and love this decision must be made with and we have prayed to be a part of God’s plan for you and your child, even before we knew you. We promise to give your child all of the love and opportunity possible to allow him/her to fulfill God’s will and plan. Your decision for adoption is a selfless one and we would be overwhelmingly thankful to provide your child with a home of unconditional love reflective of the love you have demonstrated. You are stronger and more amazing than you likely know and we cannot wait to meet you!

We also know a bit about living a life with unexpected surprises. Our family’s journey started with several years of infertility and a previous failed adoption. Thankfully, we now have three beautiful children that were each the best gift from God we could ever ask for. With these additions, we realize we have even more love to give than ever and we believe God has called us to open our homes to another child through adoption.

We live life with passion, in our careers as doctors we love our jobs but are disciplined to balance our work and home lives. We make time for fun, family and friends. We are always looking for new experiences and adventures in and around our home in the Dallas area. Our three children, Gideon, 5 and twins Lucie and Hugo, 3, have attended a French immersion school since age 2 where they will be fluent in three languages by the time they finish high school. This unique environment also provides a worldly perspective exposing them to a wide range of cultures that will help them be more understanding and accepting of others differences.

We have a strong church and friend networks with a large family including one set of grandparents, an aunt, uncle and two cousins nearby and dozens more we see regularly when visiting to or from Louisiana, New York and other states. Our holidays are a priority time to spend with our family and continue old and new traditions alike.

We hope and pray you remain strong through this challenging stage. Remember you are not alone and will not be left behind through this process. We sincerely hope you will always be a part of our lives in any way you feel comfortable. You can be certain that all of us share the same goals and will strive to ensure we give this child the best start and brightest future possible through a life filled with love and happiness.

With Love. Colin Pero and Roxanne Pero Christian Homes 1-800-592-4725