Cole and Cherith’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We do not know what you are going through specifically, but we are praying for you, that God will be with you every step of this process. We’d like to introduce our family to you.

We have been married since 2006 and in that time, we’ve learned the value of love and respect (found in Ephesians 5). Our marriage is not perfect, but with God’s help, it is stronger now than ever before. We’ve always known that we wanted to have 5 children. Cherith has had a heart for adoption since she was a teenager. It has been talked about off and on for many years throughout our marriage. We lived in Kenya as missionaries from 2014-2017 and were not able to consider adoption during that time/in that place. Now that we are settled back in the US, we know that the timing is right.

Cole works part time as the president of our Christian non-profit organization, called HOPE. With this job, he travels to Kenya twice a year to check on the sponsorship pro-gram and training center we built there. We also own several rental properties. We live and work on our farm trying to raise our own meat, vegetables, fruit and eggs. Cherith stays at home with our 4 kids, homeschooling them during the day. She also volunteers on the worship team at our church.

Justus, born 2007, loves to take things apart and see how they work and he leads his siblings well. Elizabeth, born 2008, has been praying for her new baby sibling for 6+ years. She can’t wait to love on a new baby! Judah, born 2010, is our thinker and quiet one. He can come up with the most profound statements, but also tells the best jokes! Tucker, born 2012, is the talker. He never meets a stranger and he loves showing off his muscles.

Our idea of the perfect day is hanging out at home on the farm! Cherith loves to bake, sew (mostly quilts), read, watch cheesy Hallmark movies, sing, and play the piano. Cole enjoys working outside, building things, hunting, and fishing. He also enjoys reading and studying history-especially Texas history. The kids mostly love playing with our pets and farm animals, working on their treehouse, building with Legos, and riding their bikes.

We are praying that God will give you peace in this season. We love you and your baby so much-just as God does! We hope you’ll consider us an an adoptive family for your child.

Cole & Cherith

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