Chris and Lindsay’s Letter

Hello to our angel on earth!

We hope and pray that this is the first of many interactions. Every time we go to start this letter we think of the quote or phrase, “Be a part of something bigger than yourself.” That has always been a goal of ours in different areas of our life. We started this adoption journey for us. Sure, we will bless a child along the way…yada, yada, but we mainly had selfish desires. Now, we cannot even speak the words birth mother without tearing up. We feel that you embody the qualities of that quote, “Be a part of something bigger than yourself.” Nothing in this world is more selfless than what you are doing, other than what our Heavenly Father has done for us.

We are ecstatic to walk this road with you! We firmly believe that God allows no accidents and there are not just simple coincidences. God creates each one of us with tremendous purpose in mind. He is knitting this child together in your womb to do great things and be loved without end. We pray that you will confidently entrust us with your greatest blessing. We speak daily about how incredibly thankful we are that God has made us wait on the gift of a child. We do not ever want to take a day of this child’s life for granted. We vow to pray for you, cherish you, and uplift your name in our home. We pray a bright future for you…one that will bring your child pride. We pray that you and your baby will never feel an ounce of shame over this story God has written for your lives. We are astounded and deeply humbled that another human on this earth would be willing to sacrifice the gift of their child. There is no greater love than that. Thank you for loving your baby with such a selfless, Christ-like love.

We are Chris and Lindsay. We are both passionate about young people and their upbringing. Chris is a high school football coach and Lindsay keeps teacher’s children in the home. Chris’ job doubles as a hobby. He wouldn’t want to do anything else in this world for his career. He also loves traveling and going to concerts with Lindsay. Lindsay’s greatest desire is to be a mother. For fun she loves to cook, shop, and exercise. But her favorite thing to do is support Chris and his football team. Together we want to serve The Lord and we strive to bring Him glory in all that we do. We are both sinners who rely on Him moment by moment and are so thankful for His grace in our lives. He has brought so much beauty from ashes and we pray He does the same for you.

Forever grateful,
Chris and Lindsay Cochran

Christian Homes & Family Services