Chris and Jackie’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

You are a very special person to us! We have been praying specifically for you, your baby, and good health for you both ever since our adoption journey began. The decisions that you are making now for the future of your baby are so important. We have so much respect for your strength and love to choose what is best for your baby and what is right for you. We know this letter is very important to you. We hope we can communicate who we are and what kind of home your baby would have with us. We also want you to know that you will continue to remain important to us throughout our lives. We will continue to pray that God gives you strength and guidance.

We are thrilled to be adopting a baby! We are blessed beyond measure to have our son, Cole. He was born in April of 2012. He is amazing and is going to be the best big brother! We lost our second son at 23 weeks pregnant. We named him Wyatt. We know that we will see him in heaven one day with our Savior. If we were to get pregnant again, what happened with Wyatt could potentially happen again. Because of that, we began praying about the possibility of adopting. Over time, we began to feel certain that God was leading us to adopt.

We have been married since July 2005. We live in a house in Keller, Texas that is perfect for our little family. We love living in this area where there are plenty of fun things to do and great communities of people to which we belong. We are both teachers. Jackie teaches 3rd grade Language Arts and Social Studies in Southlake-Carroll and Chris teaches high school Video Game Design, Graphic Design, Animation, and Audio/Video Technology in Grapevine-Colleyville. We both love working with kids and knowing we make a difference each day in the lives of our students.

Since we are both teachers, we have several weeks off during the school year and for all of the summer. We use this time to go on trips together as a family and do fun things around town like going to the zoo, museums, playgrounds, trampoline parks, bounce houses, etc. We go to church each weekend, usually on Saturday afternoon, where we have formed long-lasting friendships with fellow Christ-followers. The youth ministry at our church is a lot of fun and we look forward to our kids getting to grow up in such a positive, fun, and nurturing environment. On school days, we all drive together on our morning commute to school and together back home in the afternoon. We are very active people. We spend as much time as possible outside, whether it is for a nature hike, to play disc golf, camping, or to take our golden retriever, Tyson, to the park to fetch a ball or Frisbee. Tyson is amazingly gentle and little kids adore him! We are so excited for a baby to become part of all of this with us!

Our marriage is centered on our faith in Jesus Christ. We know that if we focus first on our relationship with Him, we each grow to be more Christ-like and this makes our marriage strong. One thing we learned through the tragedy that we experienced with the loss of Wyatt was how putting God first can get us through anything together as a family.

We are blessed to have lots of extended family that live within a few miles of our home. We enjoy time with them regularly, including holidays, birthdays, and numerous random get-togethers. The baby will have multiple cousins to play with, aunts and uncles, and adoring grandparents that are always eager to spend time together. Our extended family is so eager to share all of our family’s love with a new baby.

With us, your baby will be raised in a Christian home, have adoring family members and friends, and will receive unconditional love from Mommy and Daddy!

God Bless You.

Chris and Jackie