Chris and Jackie’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

You are so very important to us and we have prayed for you so much as we have been waiting to adopt a baby. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter and look at our photo album. We hope and pray that you will see us as a great fit and trust us with parenting your baby. We know that this is a huge decision for you and we pray that God gives you tremendous peace in choosing the right family for your baby.

We have been married since July 2005. We live in Keller, Texas is a home that is great for raising a family in. We love living where we do! We have a great community around us of friends and family, great schools, and a great church. We are both teachers. Jackie teaches 3rd grade and Chris teaches high school. We also both teach the kindergarteners at our church. We love working with kids and being able to make a difference in their lives every day. We have a son named Cole who is 6 years old. He loves playing games and being active. He is involved in Cub Scouts and we stay busy with all sorts of fun activities with him. Cole is so excited to be a big brother!

We do fun things together as a family around town. On any given weekend you might find us at the park, zoo, trampoline park, a baseball game, the museum, or a variety of other places. We love to go on fun trips together to other cities and to the beach during our summer vacation. This summer, we are planning a trip to Galveston with other family members. In general, we love to be outside and active as much as possible. We love camping, biking, hiking, playing disc golf, swimming, and taking our dog, Tyson, to the park. Tyson is a golden retriever and is great with kids. He loves to be outside and active as much as we do!

We love Jesus. We make our lives all about Him. We start each day spending time with God and inviting Him into the everyday things of life with us. In our marriage, we are quick to apologize and quick to forgive because Jesus empowers us to love as He loved, sacrificially and unselfishly. We have enjoyed 13 wonderful years of marriage and look forward to many more together.

We pray that you see us as a family that will provide lots of love for your baby. We are so excited to meet you when the time comes!

Chris and Jackie