Bryan and Meagan’s Letter

Dear Birthmother,

We are so thankful for you and that you chose life for your sweet baby! You are a very courageous woman and we are encouraged by your strength and love. We are praying the Lord brings you comfort during this time in your life. You are precious in His sight and so is your little one! You are a blessing to all of us and an example of selfless love.

About Meagan: Meagan is a personal assistant to a family in Ft. Worth with four boys. She was born in North Carolina, grew up in Mississippi, and has been in Texas since she was ten. Meagan graduated from Texas Tech University with a Marketing degree in 2005. She is one of six children and an aunt to fifteen kids. She loves to spend time with Bryan, our son Cooper and two golden retrievers (Dirk and Lizzy), in addition to traveling, attending sporting events, and enjoyable outdoor activities.

About Bryan: Bryan works for Pepsi as a Supply Chain Manager. He has lived in Texas his whole life and graduated from Midwestern State University with a Management degree in 2000. Bryan is from a large family as well and is “uncle” to many of his friend’s children too. He enjoys rooting for his home teams, golfing, and spending time with family.

About Us: We have been married since 2009 and have a wonderful time together! We adopted our son, Cooper, in May of 2015. He is a complete joy in our lives and we look forward to growing our family through adoption again. We’ve been blessed with a great family, circle of friends, and church community. Our home is in Arlington, Texas, and it is close to all of the entertainment. We are members of Watermark Church in Dallas and are looking forward to being blessed with a precious baby! We promise to love your baby unconditionally and are ecstatic to be considered.

Adoption is an amazing gift and is the perfect picture of God’s unconditional love for us. We are praying for His perfect timing and His will for both you as a birthmother and us as an adoptive family. We will always tell our baby about their story and the love and sacrifice that brought them into our family. Their life will be a witness of God’s love. Just know that you are loved and that we are praying for you!

With Love,
Bryan, Meagan and Cooper Baker