Bryan and Meagan’s Letter

Dear Birthmother,

We are so thankful for you and that you chose life for your sweet baby! You are a courageous woman and encourage us by your strength and love. We’re praying that the Lord would comfort you during this time in your life. You are precious in His sight and so is your little one. You are a blessing to all of us and an example of selfless love!

We are Bryan and Meagan Baker. We live in McKinney, TX and love the community and neighborhood. The Lord blessed our family through the adoption of our two sons, Cooper (5) and Benjamin (2). While walking the road of infertility wasn’t what we had planned; we can’t imagine life without our two boys. They are full of life and keep things interesting. As a family we enjoy bike rides, walks, golfing and swimming in our pool. The boys adore our sweet golden retriever, Dirk. They are praying for their baby sister or brother and are excited to see our family grow through adoption.

Meagan is a stay-at-home mom and takes care of our two boys. She enjoys taking them to the library, parks and playing with their cousins. She’s organized, generous and loves making others around her feel loved! Meagan was born in North Carolina, grew up in Mississippi and has lived in Texas since she was 10. She is one of six children and loves spending time with her large family. She grew up doing gymnastics, softball and basketball. Meagan graduated from Texas Tech University with a Marketing degree.

Bryan is a loving father and enjoys spending time with his family. You can find him swimming in the pool with the boys, cooking some amazing brisket, gardening, or enjoying a round of golf. Bryan is also one of six kids and loves getting together with family. He is loyal, driven and humble. He grew up in Garland Texas. As a kid he enjoyed playing basketball with friends, tennis and spending time with the puppies he raised. He graduated from Midwestern State with a degree in Management. His road to college began at A&M. Bryan works for Frito-Lay as a regional project manager. Bryan is a hard worker and is extremely thoughtful of others.

We were married in 2009. We enjoyed traveling and married life, but our lives weren’t complete without the babies we always dreamed about. In 2012 we discovered that our hopes of having biological children wasn’t possible. Our hearts moved toward adoption and on April 19th, 2015 we welcomed our son Cooper home from the hospital. On November 11th, 2017 we were blessed again with the addition of our son Benjamin through adoption. Both boys were born prematurely and were a complete miracle like every baby that comes into this world. We are forever grateful to their birth mothers and admire their sacrificial love for their boys. Their “tummy mommies”, as we refer to them, are true heroes and we hold them in high regard for their courageous actions. Our desire is to have an open adoption where their birth families are welcome to have contact with the boys based on their comfort level.

Adoption is an amazing gift and is the perfect picture of God’s unconditional love for us. We are praying for His timing and His will for both you as a birthmother and your precious little one. We will always tell our baby about their story and the sacrificial love that brought them into our family. Their life will be a witness of God’s love. Please know that you are loved and that we are paying for you!

With love,
Bryan, Meagan, Cooper and Benjamin Baker