Brian and Selena’s Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for reading our letter and taking time to decide if we are the right family for you and your baby. While we don’t know your exact circumstances, we have the utmost respect for you and the sacrifice you are making. Frankly, we are in awe of your strength and courage.

We are Brian and Selena. We met in middle school and married in college. We are blessed with three daughters and one son. Our children routinely volunteer in children’s ministries and talk with excitement and anticipation, daily, about expanding our family. We are unbelievably excited to see what God has in store and hope you are part of that journey.

Brian enjoys technology and has a well-established career in the high-tech industry. Selena is trained as a nurse but most passionate about raising children. She is a stay-at-home mom. We love parenting and, along with our other children, offer endless love and attention.

Adoption is common among our friends and family. Brian’s older brother, Danny, was adopted as a newborn. Recently, we announced that we were planning to adopt. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. We have a large support system. Our extended family members, friends and church family are all thrilled about welcoming a new child.

We live in a beautiful home in a suburb just outside Houston. We have a large yard with shade trees where we enjoy swinging, soccer, and basketball. Our driveway is often covered with elaborate sidewalk chalk patterns. We enjoy walking, biking and talking with neighbors in the evenings. Weekends are full of fun activities, running errands (often as a family) and hanging out with our church family. We also enjoy road trips and visiting family out of state.

With us, your child be completely provided for. They will have abundant opportunity and know they have eternal hope in Christ. We are praying that God will give you complete peace and we wish you and your baby the best. Thanks for considering us.

With love,
Brian and Selena

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