Brandon and Jennifer’s Letter

Dear Birth Mom,

As we think of who you are, the first words to enter our minds are admirable, beautiful, and courageous. It takes a very special person to make the brave decision you are making of giving your baby life. We know this decision shows the unconditional love you have for this precious little one, and we are in awe of you. That’s what makes you a mother! The decision to have your baby adopted shows that you, as the mother, are genuinely wanting a better life for your child. It is evident that you have a vast amount of love and care for your baby, and that is helping to guide this decision. You have made a remarkable and brave choice as you seek the very best for your child.

We have been unable to have a baby since we married in 2005. While it can be difficult to understand why we are unable to bear a child, it has brought the two of us even closer, and we’ve built a stronger faith in the Lord. When finding out medically it is nearly impossible for us to have a child, we immediately began exploring the option of adoption. We both feel we are destined to raise a child and very much want to do so. We are confident this is the best decision for us! We are also blessed enough to have supportive families that are excited for us to begin our journey as parents. Your child will become part of a warm, loving, and nurturing family.

Just like God adopted us into his family, we are blessed to be able to adopt a precious baby into our family. Take comfort in knowing we will raise your child in Christ. We know the Lord is helping to guide us in this process as we pray fervently for you, your baby, as well as, the two of us.

Both, Brandon and Jennifer received college degrees and work outside the home. Jennifer is a principal at our local elementary school, and Brandon works for a chemical plant a few miles away. Since Jennifer is an elementary principal, we enjoy supporting all the schools’ sporting activities, which include: basketball, softball, and archery. Jennifer and Brandon only live about an hour and a half from the Texas border, which is convenient since Jennifer’s family and friends live in the state. Having time off with various school breaks, Jennifer and Brandon are able to visit her family or travel across Texas to watch their nephews’ activities at least once a month.

We are fortunate enough to have much help when it comes to childcare during the day. Either a church friend, Brandon, or Brandon’s mother will watch the baby while we continue to work outside the home.

Being a country couple, we enjoy various outdoor activities. Brandon is an avid outdoorsman enjoying hunting and fishing, and Jennifer is able to join him on many occasions. We have horses and like to ride, especially on beautiful days. Brandon also likes to team rope when time allows, and we both love to watch our nephews rodeo and play basketball. We enjoy our dogs, Nellie and Roscoe. Their favorite activity is to ride in our ATV, no matter the distance.

We are looking forward to being parents and would love to add your child to our family and include them in our many activities. Thank you for taking the time to consider us to be the parents of your precious baby.

Jennifer and Brandon

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