Brad and Joanna’s Letter

You are truly a courageous woman. Please know we are praying for you, the precious baby you have given life to, for your health, and your family during this time. We are grateful to have come to know Christian Homes and the mission they have in introducing us to someone like you. This will be our second adoption with Christian Homes & Family services and we can’t wait to see what God has planned.

We got married in 2012 and have fun daily, living life together. We have so much in common and believe in smiling and laughing together, especially in the hard times. The cornerstone of our marriage is our faith in Christ. We moved into a new home in 2014 and have had so much fun making it ours by painting, planting an organic garden, and now getting it ready for another little bundle of joy! We love to travel together, and have family join us when possible. We can’t wait to introduce our children to exciting adventures, a supported education, and different cultural experiences in order to help them become well-rounded individuals. For fun, we like to play in our awesome city, spend time with family, go to movies, eat out, cook at home, and many other things. For exercise Brad likes to run or swim, and Joanna loves to go to yoga, Barre, or other gym classes. We volunteer locally when we can, and work with our church.

Your baby will be raised in a Christian home with two loving parents, an amazing big brother, and unconditional love. We also have a spoiled boxer named Reyna that was rescued several years ago from an abusive home and is a great big sister. Along with several nieces and nephews, there are three sets of grandparents, multiple sets of aunts and uncles, and so many close friends that can’t wait to welcome a new addition into our family. Brad works in engineering with the banking industry and Joanna is a Family Nurse Practitioner. Joanna was a Pediatric nurse for years before she became a Nurse Practitioner, so your child will definitely be in safe hands! Joanna works part time and primarily from home thanks to Telemedicine. We will continue to maximize our time being parents and enjoying our family after so many years of praying and waiting.

We are thrilled to be getting to adopt another child. We live in an area where adoption is extremely common and the adoption of our son was truly a miraculous experience. We brought him home the beginning of 2016 and it has been an incredible experience becoming parents. Doctors have told us it would be a miracle for us to have a biological child and we have suffered the heartache of miscarriage, and years struggling with infertility. You giving us the privilege to raise and love your child as our own will be an answer to our daily prayers to make our family complete. God bless you.

Brad & Joanna