Blake and Whitney’s Letter

Hey there!

Every Pixar movie seems to tell the same story a different way. They all tell the story of a character who wants something better, tries to figure it out on their own, but realizes they need help in order to make it happen. A rat needs a boy to help him cook. A toy cowboy needs a space ranger to get to his family. Even a clownfish needs a forgetful Ellen to find his son. Without these friends, they could never have accomplished their task. Your story and the story of your baby, are just beginning. We are so glad you are considering the choice to include us in it.

As with all of these friends, the introductions start off a little unusually. Hopefully, this letter will help you get to know us a bit better. We are Blake and Whitney. Blake is bit of a techie from Dallas who loves the outdoors, music, and thinks he’s funnier than he is; and Whitney is an arts-and-craftsy, compassionate, photographer who still loves her West Texas roots. We met at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas in 2002, and were married in 2004. Whitney’s creativity and Blake’s love for technology/music led us to New York City and San Francisco before finally settling in the DFW area in 2008.

Since moving back to Texas, we had the blessing of having two great kids, our son, Egan, who was born in 2009, and our daughter, Sloane, born in 2012. Once Egan was born, Whitney decided to stay home and invest in the kids. She still does occasional projects as a photographer and graphic artist. Blake spent five years on staff at our church before going to work in video production. We are active members of our church and are thankful for the way our community of faith encourages us as a family.

As a family, we love looking for ways to have fun. We laugh, dance, and ride bikes together. We love being outside so when Whitney’s parents recently bought her grandfather’s farm, we go there often to fish, hike, and care for the animals. We live in a young, eclectic neighborhood with great parks, restaurants, and friends nearby. Egan and Sloane love (and any future kid is going to love) going to a dedicated, diverse school where Whitney regularly volunteers. Through friends at school, our kids learn to care for people from all backgrounds and abilities. We believe Sloane and Egan will be better siblings because of all they are learning in this creative, nurturing school environment.

In 2017, we started praying about how God could grow our family. We feel strongly that God is calling us to provide a loving home for a child who needs one. Both of our pregnancies went well, but were super hard, and afterward, we felt that birthing additional children was not really an option. We love the privilege of parenting our kids and long to welcome another child into our home. Egan and Sloane also would love to have another brother or sister. Almost weekly, one or both of them ask when a new baby will be coming home.

We trust that God is in control of everything. We know that He is preparing the right kid and the right mom to be a part of our family. We will love and care for any child God brings into our home. We also are sure that they will be loved and thought of all the time by their birth family.

Those Pixar movies have something in common with adoption. When things get hard, the main character leans on friends for help. The rat becomes a chef at the best restaurant in Paris; the clownfish finds his son, confidence, and a new family; and the cowboy learns that family can change over time, but it’s that change can make things better. We would love to be the friends that God uses to write a special story of hope for you and your baby.

Blake and Whitney

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