Ben and Brittany’s Letter

Dear Birth Mom,

I think the very first thing we want to express to you is the deep love and awe we have for you. You are such an amazing, strong, and brave woman, and we want to acknowledge that. Regardless of who you choose, YOU are amazing and we’re just so grateful for you and what you’re doing for your child. We would love for our child’s birth mom to play an important role beyond the birth, but please know that we will respect whatever decision you choose! And we’ll raise our child with a healthy understanding that their birth mom loves them deeply and sacrificed so much for their well-being.

With that said, Hello! We are Ben and Brittany, and we’ve been married since 2010. Ben is the owner of a restaurant franchise and although he works a lot, he also gets to make his own hours! This means that he is a very present & hands-on dad who gets to come to doctors appointments, sporting events, and he has such a fun and loving presence in our home. Brittany is a stay-at-home mom, but she also works as an online professor at a university and freelance writer. She’s the queen of our calendar, and can cook up a storm for the friends and family we host in our home. But ultimately, we are a team and regardless of the different roles we have, we really view each other as best friends. We love big, laugh often, and we like to make sure that people in our home have fun and feel unconditionally loved.

We love being parents to our three kids: Felicity (2012), Noel (2012), and Jude (2016). And we love how God has built our family uniquely. Our daughters are identical twins and we had them biologically, but our son is adopted. Each of our babies have unique birth stories and each of them were divinely brought into our family, and we can’t wait to see how God brings our next child into our home!

Since our son is black and we are white, we think it’s really important to celebrate his heritage and instill a strong sense of cultural identity in him. We have a couple of key phrases we have in our family when it comes to helping our kids understand adoption. The first is “Love makes a family,” and the second is, “Families don’t have to match.” We think it’s really important to celebrate our differences in order for them to have the confidence to go out into the world and be the people God made them to be. So, we’re really intentional on having multiracial books, experiences, and a variety of role models in our lives. We love being a multiracial family and consider it a joy to reflect heaven uniquely. And we want our next child’s birth mom to know that this is something that we are passionate about.

We live in a great town for raising kids. We have a local zoo that our family has an annual membership to, multiple splash pads, a growing arts program, a children’s literature museum, and the people here are great about really supporting their local kids. And as much as we love our community, we also love our faith family. We are actively involved in and members of a local church. We believe that having a relationship with God is the most important thing in life, and it’s something that we try to foster in each of our kids’ lives by reading the Bible, singing songs, and having them involved in church. Our church family, local community, and our families are so supportive and cannot wait to welcome our next child.

There is so much we want to say, but I think the most important thing we could leave you with is that we are so grateful for you and we’re praying for you. We’re blown away by your love and sacrifice for your child, and we look forward to the day when we not only get to meet our baby, but also you. Praying for you!

Ben & Brittany
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