Austin and Laura’s Letter

Dear friend,

We don’t know you, but we really want to get to know you, if that’s what you want. We understand that you’re in the process of making one of the most difficult decisions of your life, and we admire and respect you so much for your power and courage. We have been praying for you, and we also pray that we will adequately express to your baby how much you love them, should you make an adoption plan and include us in that. It would give us an opportunity to do something we desperately desire: be parents again.

This is a very heavy letter on a very heavy topic, but we’re definitely not “serious” people. We’ve been married 11 years, and have spent those years working hard and playing hard. We love to have fun, even if our idea of fun sounds boring to other people! We met in college in 2003 when both of us were studying to become television producers. That first date took a while to happen, but we’ve been inseparable ever since. We always knew we wanted to be parents. However, our original plan to get pregnant didn’t turn out to be God’s plan. We wondered. We waited. Eventually, He pointed us to Christian Homes, and we were fortunate enough to become parents in 2011 to a precious child. She not only knows her adoption story, but she’s terribly proud of it.

We long to add another child to our family and are nervous and excited to discover who that baby will be, and who he or she will become. We have seen firsthand the love that Christian Homes pours into its birth families, and we wanted nothing else than to return to them for help finding our new baby.

Laura took a break from television to become a stay-at-home mom, and has since developed a part-time career as a portrait photographer and loves it. She also loves volunteering at church and school, and volunteers to take free portraits for families like ours who have recently been blessed with the miracle of adoption.

Austin is currently the news director at a local television station. Through his job, he has the ability to help inform the public, keep people safe, and give back to the community. His work keeps him pretty busy, but spending time with and caring for the family is always the top priority. He enjoys watching sports, lifting weights and running in half marathons. He also likes volunteering his time at church and working in the yard.

Kate is an energetic, friendly, and intelligent little 5-year-old who talks daily about all the plans she has for a new baby. She’s excited to participate in an adoption journey and share in someone else’s story.

We’re a loving and welcoming family that offers a happy and safe environment for a child. We’re blessed with a supportive extended family that looks forward to a new addition! The idea of adoption excites us so much, and is also really humbling. We’ve always wanted to be parents and so to have that happen through such a special, communal means is truly amazing.

Be assured of our continued prayers,
Laura and Austin

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