Aaron and Chris Ann’s Letter

Dear Birth Mom,

Brave, strong, and selfless are the words that come to mind when we think of you. You are brave for walking down a path filled with unknowns, strong for choosing life for you and your baby, and selfless for putting the needs of your baby above your own. We are praying that your bravery is met with peace and comfort, that your strength is met with support from others, and that your selflessness is met with the joy of knowing you’ve forever changed lives for the absolute better.

We are waiting expectantly for the Lord to unite you, your baby, and us into a family. We know your decision will be a blessing to all involved as we have seen it firsthand. We are Aaron and Chris Ann, and we believe Chris Ann would not be here today without the decision her mom made years ago to place her older sister for adoption. Her mom’s decision allowed her sister to grow up with a mother and father who had prayed desperately for a child. It led to Chris Ann’s mom establishing a relationship with Jesus and finding a husband who also loved the Lord, which laid the foundation for Chris Ann’s birth nine years after that initial adoption placement decision. Adoption is truly a blessing for all who are involved.

We met in 2012 and married in 2013. While we never anticipated so many years as a family of two, we have loved our time together and each consider the other not just as spouse but as best friend. We love to travel and enjoy new experiences together, and we also love normal nights at home. Aaron works as a technology consultant and helps build software for companies. His job is Monday through Friday, and he does not have to travel, allowing him to be home each night. Chris Ann works as a first grade teacher and loves finding creative and engaging ways to teach her students reading and math. Our plan is for Chris Ann to stay at home full-time with the baby.

Becoming parents has been a shared part of our hopes and dreams from the very beginning of our relationship. On our first date, Aaron shared his desire to be a Little League coach and Chris Ann shared her dream of becoming a stay-at-home-mom. After a year of marriage, we began the journey of trying to grow our family. The years that followed were full of growth in our relationships with Jesus, each other, and friends, as well as lots of fun and adventure. But, they were also marked by miscarriage and infertility. We’ve been told we could grow our family through in-vitro fertilization, but instead of pursuing further fertility treatments, we believe God is leading us to grow our family through adoption.

We prayerfully and excitedly anticipate welcoming your child into our family and community! We have parents who are praying for you and your baby and can’t wait to become grandparents! We live in a three bedroom home with a large yard ready for play. The city we live in is very diverse, and our neighborhood is composed of people of many different cultures. We live near many of our close friends, as well as our church, which is where we’ve formed a large portion of our community. Our Bible study is full of families with young children, and our church has a community of adoptive families to provide friendship and support. Your child will be welcomed with ready and open arms by us, as well as a host of family and friends.

We can’t wait to meet you and tell you in person how much we admire you and your sacrificial love. We are praying for you and are so excited for the day God brings our families together.

With Love,

Aaron and Chris Ann
Christian Homes and Family Services