Tim and Lindsey's Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

Sitting down to write this letter has been much harder than we ever imagined. Thank you for honoring us by reading our letter. We know this is an emotional and overwhelming time for you. Our hope is that you will get a glimpse into who we are and that the Lord will give you great peace as you make this extremely hard decision. We have so much respect for you and want you to know that you and your baby are being covered in prayer as you walk this journey.

We are Tim and Lindsey. We were married in 2010. We knew before meeting each other that God was writing adoption into our stories, and we had many conversations about adopting a child at our favorite picnic table on Texas Tech’s (go Red Raiders!) campus before we ever got married. Two years ago we were blessed with our son, Luke. He is excited about becoming a big brother! We are all excited about becoming a family of 4 through adoption.

Tim is a civil engineer and works at a university training future engineers. He is able to use his education to help provide safe water to developing countries. He travels once or twice a year to work with communities on water related projects. Tim is an extremely loyal husband and father, hard worker, and loves building relationships with all who cross his path.

Lindsey stays home with Luke as well as works about 10 hours a week from home. Lindsey loves getting to spend her days with Luke and looks forward to the time with another baby. It is important to Lindsey to provide a safe, peaceful, and nurturing home for our family. She also loves hosting friends and family at our home for a meal or for the weekend (getting to bake for everyone is the best part).

Two years ago we made the decision to move to a smaller city and for Tim to take a job as a professor. This decision was made because we wanted to have the flexibility and time to invest in each other, our extended family, our friends, and our community. Tim’s job provides a lot of flexibility. He is off for a month at Christmas and has a lot of time off during the summer months. We wanted to be extremely present in the lives of our children and this move has made that possible. We also wanted to live somewhere where we could plant deep roots in our church, neighborhood, and community. Roots are already being planted.

Our faith in God is what makes our family strong and full of love. Our greatest desire for our children is that they will have a strong relationship with God and call upon His name all the days of their lives. Our desire for our family is to minister to those in our city as well as the world.

Another important thing to know about us is that we just plain like doing life together. We enjoy playing in the backyard, going to the park, swimming, hiking, and traveling. Tim is excited about when the kids are old enough to take fishing, backpacking, and teaching them how to throw a baseball. Lindsey is excited about when the kids are old enough to teach to cook, sew, and take on a family trip across the United States.

We are overjoyed as we prepare to welcome a child into our family through adoption. We are also excited about building a relationship with you if that is something you desire. If you are interested in starting a conversation with us, please e-mail us at timothyandlindsey@gmail.com or call Christian Homes at 800-592-4725.

Grace and peace,
Tim & Lindsey