Ross and Molly's Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

I’m about to fall off the edge of my couch as I sit down to write you. No part of my couch is gone but it has been taken apart and thrown into a huge pile on the floor. A mountain of pillows, cushions and blankets are stacked in front of me. To anyone walking in our door, they would see a disheveled mess all over our floor. But to our two sons, ages 4 and 2, they see something entirely different. They see a beautiful masterpiece that they created and hours of fun to be had on what they call a “splash pad.”

Thinking about this, I wonder if there is a parallel to your own situation? No part of your life is gone, but where you stand right now with a little life growing inside of you, perhaps it looks different than maybe you originally intended or imagined? Maybe you feel like life is a little bit chaotic right now? Or maybe you think other people see it that way? Similar to how our sons look at our current couch situation, we see beyond the “chaos”…

…We see a woman who may have felt at one time or another that things took an unexpected turn, but somewhere in that chaotic feeling they caught a glimpse of potential beauty that could come of it. We see someone who values life above convenience. We see someone who defines love as choosing someone above herself. We see someone who is willing and capable of enduring great physical and emotional discomfort for the sake of her child. We see someone who understands that pain and joy can co-exist and that perhaps that is where the greatest beauty lies sometimes. That’s how we see you…not perfect…but

Beautiful - Valued - Strong - Devoted and Hopeful.

Our names are Ross and Molly and for our family, caring for and raising a child means a lot of splash pads, a lot of laughter, a lot of teaching, a lot of sports, a lot of outside-playing, a lot of loud singing, a lot of bike rides around the block, a lot of adventures, and a lot of time with family, friends and fellowship with the Lord.

We have been married for 9 years, live in Dallas, Texas and are blessed with two young sons, ages 4 and 2. Ross grew up with two brothers in Tulsa, Oklahoma and his parents have been married for 38 years. Molly grew up with one sister, two brothers and an “unofficially adopted” sister beginning in high school in Overland Park, Kansas. Her parents were married for 29 years before her mother passed away in 2012. With large families on both sides and a natural enjoyment of sharing life with other people, we’ve always been bent toward having a large family ourselves and we look forward to seeing what the Lord has to say about that.

If He does choose to expand our family through connecting us, we know that your child will be the recipient of a lot of love and encouragement, which will be anchored in the teachings of our Lord.

Ross’ job in residential real estate and his involvement in additional small-business opportunities gives him the unique privilege of being flexible and therefore available to our children. Extra play time in the morning, drop-ins during the day and the ability to set his own schedule has blessed our children with one of the riches gifts they may ever receive: an involved, present, active, “get on the floor and play” kind of father.

Molly is a stay at home mom who also helps manage our preschool-aged soccer enrichment program “after-hours”. Her and the boys are usually out the door by 9am for a day full of activities, fun, Bible-study, play, or learning. She cherishes and relishes in the opportunity to be able to be at home with the boys during these young, influential years.

Together, we are a laid-back, hard working, sports-loving, game-playing, traveling couple who looks forward to building years of cherished memories with our children.

Thanking God for you and your child,
Ross & Molly

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