Paul and Lori's Letter

Dear Birthmother,

You have to be feeling a whirlwind of emotions right now as you choose a family for your sweet baby. We know you love your child very much because you are looking for the best fit for both of you. Just know that as we all go through problems and struggles in life, God goes before us. We can't even imagine how difficult this decision was for you to make, but we are grateful that this is the path you have chosen.

We are Lori and Paul Davis. We are not able to have any more biological children, but God has shown us when one door closes he opens another. If chosen, you are giving a blessing to a family who believed that the addition of another family member would not be possible. Words will never fully express how honored and humbled we are that you are even considering us. Just going through this process has made us stronger in our faith and is motivating us to become more involved with our church family. Our church family will be praying for you and your baby. Being adoptive parents is a great responsibility and one that we do not take lightly. We will unyieldingly strive to live up to the expectations you have for your child's adoptive parents. If you bless our family by selecting us, we hope you can take comfort in knowing that your child will have a life of unconditional love and support. We will make sure they will know your sacrifice was one made out of great love and courage.

We met in college in 2002 and were married in 2006. We are both on our 1st and only marriage. We have been faced with many challenges during our 14 years together, but by working together, believing in each other, and having absolute faith in Christ, we have always come out stronger on the other side. Our household currently consists of us, and our 7 year old daughter Madisyn. We have a very large and diverse extended family that spends special occasions and holidays together. In our home you can always hear laughter and see our family being silly with each other. We are a very close, dedicated, and fun loving family. We are enormous animal lovers and enjoy playing with our 2 dogs and our pot bellied pig. On some weekends, you will find us cuddling on the couch with our animals and watching movies. Other weekends, we like to drive around the Austin area and find fun things to do, since there are so many! We also love to "hit the road" and go on travel adventures. As husband and wife, we share responsibilities around the house, such as dinner, cleaning, yard work and errands. Madisyn is not partial to one parent over the other, because we both put our all into it. When one is weak, the other stays strong and picks up the slack. We reside in the suburbs of Austin. We have a three bedroom, three bathroom house with a fenced backyard, garden, and playscape. We have become very close with our neighbors over the past 10 years of living here and consider them part of the family as well.

Lori graduated from Texas A&M and has been a school teacher for 13 years, and currently teaches 2nd grade. Thanks to Lori’s chosen profession, she has all summer off and shares the same vacation schedule as the students. Lori’s passion for children is second to none. She is always willing to help families in need and volunteers at our church for activities such as vacation bible school and school supply drives for children in need. She has a very big heart and is a great friend, wife, and mother.

Paul graduated from Texas A&M and is employed with a large insurance company where he has worked for the last 10 years. Paul has up to seven weeks of vacation each year which he uses to go on trips and spend time with our family. He also has a very flexible work schedule which allows him to be available when his family needs him. He is an amazing father and a devoted husband. He is a devout Christian and dedicated church member. He is always willing to help those in need. He is an extremely hard worker and enjoys fixing things around the house, coming up with things to build, and working on his '66 International pickup truck in his spare time.

We strongly believe that our birth mother will read this letter and feel connected to our story and to us. When that happens we know that God has willed it to be. We wish you the best in whatever you decide. We know that every family has been chosen because of the quality they will bring to your unborn child's life. We pray everything works out in the best interest for you and your baby.

With Love,
Lori and Paul Davis

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