Free, Safe and Comfortable Apartments

Christian Homes & Family Services offer young women with unplanned pregnancies that want to consider adoption, safe and comfortable apartments in which to live while making a personal and customized adoption plan for their children. The apartment and utilities are provided free of charge.

What are the Apartments Like?

  • Private, fully furnished apartment
  • Full kitchen with appliances
  • Charming bedroom
  • Internet access and cable TV provided
  • Caring, compassionate staff who will ensure your needs are met
  • Safe, quiet living accommodations
  • On-site opportunities for additional support
  • Rent-free and all bills paid.

  • Questions about the Apartments

    May I still come live in the apartments if I am undecided?

    Yes. We want to you take a month to six weeks or so, and learn more about adoption, and especially open adoption. We want you to have the time and opportunity to make the best decision for you and your baby, and if you are already a parent, the children in your care, too. During that time, you can discuss your options with one of our experienced caseworkers, learn more about couples who are anxious to adopt, and the benefits of an open adoption. Our apartment, furniture and living expenses are provided FREE, no strings attached. Once you make a decision, you may remain in the apartments if you choose adoption. If you decide to raise your child, you will need to make other living arrangements and begin making plans for your baby.

    Do I have to live in the apartments?

    No. You can remain in your own community and a caseworker will work with you there.

    If I choose to live in the apartments, is there a charge?

    You do not pay to live in the Christian Homes apartments. Christian Homes is supported by contributions from people, churches, organizations, and adoptive parents.

    How long can I stay at the residential apartments after I deliver?

    You may remain at the residential apartments for up to six weeks following delivery. In some cases, you may remain longer, i.e. to finish the school semester, etc. You have the option of leaving the residential apartments as soon after delivery as you wish. Many residents who live nearby return to their home the day they leave the hospital. Others remain at the apartments until their health permits them to travel.

    Do I have to place my child for adoption if I live in the apartments?

    You do not have to place your child for adoption. However, if you choose to parent your child, you and the Christian Homes staff will work together to find an alternate place for you to live during the remainder of your pregnancy where you will receive services that prepare you to take care of your child.

    If I have other children, may I bring them to live with me in the apartments?

    Yes, you may bring your children with you. There are 1-2 bedroom apartments available. Given the size of the apartments, 3 pre-school age children is the maximum the apartment can accommodate. Dependent upon how many children you have and their ages, we may help you find alternative living arrangements.

    Additional Questions?

    If your questions have not been answered, please talk with one of our caseworkers. We are eager to answer ANY questions you have and are able to spend time discussing your feelings, thoughts, and questions. One of our jobs is to help you THINK through your choices and help you decide for yourself what the right answers are for you, this baby, and, if you have other children, what is best for them.