Mark and Katy's Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We want to thank you for taking the time to read about us. We would be honored to be your child’s forever family. We have been married since 2003 and we are more in love today than the day we got married. Mark is 51 and I am 32. Mark may be eighteen years older than I am but he is as young as I am at heart. Mark is a farmer, he has farmed since he was 6 years old, so your child will grow up riding in tractors and combines, feeding cows, and playing in the dirt. I was a paramedic but once we got married Mark gave me the luxury of being a stay-at-home wife and then three years later I became a stay-at-home mom and I love every minute of it. I love watching my children grow and learn right in front of my eyes. I spend my days caring for my family, crafting and decorating. I am also a photographer and I love to do cake decorating.

We are both from a family of five (two parents and three children) and we ourselves would love to have 3 children. We have so much love in our hearts and we would love to welcome another child into our arms. We have two children, Micah who is 7 and Elizabeth "Beth" who is 3. In 2006 a birth mother named Stephanie gave us the greatest gift any one human can give another. She made us parents, we adopted Micah at birth, we were blessed to be there during Stephanie's labor and one of our greatest memories is the moment he was born and the nurse placed him in our arms. Micah is a true blessing and I am blessed to be called his mother. Elizabeth "Beth" is 3, in April of 2010 God allowed us to conceive. We cannot bring ourselves to say she is our biological child because it upsets us to define between biological and adopted. Micah and Beth are both our babies, our blessings from God, they are equal in our eyes and in our hearts and defining them as one or the other hurts our hearts. Micah grew in my heart and Beth grew in my tummy.

We have so much love to give and we would be honored if you would choose us. We will raise your child in a Christ-centered home and even though we are nowhere near perfect we will do our absolute best to be a Christ-like example. We are very family oriented, Mark comes home every day for lunch and is home in the evening by 6:30, except during harvest time. Nothing is more important than God and family, not work, and most definitely not money. Time is too precious to be wasted and so is family. Our children only have one childhood and we want it to be filled with the best memories possible. We are very strong Christians and we are raising our children to follow in God's footsteps. Our family attends church every Sunday and numerous church events and activities throughout the year. Mark is a deacon and I am the church clerk. We do not smoke or drink so your child will be raised in a smoke free/alcohol free Southern Baptist home. We will provide your child with two loving parents, an amazing big brother and a sweet-hearted nurturing big sister, two sets of grandparents, four uncles, three aunts, and eighteen cousins. Yes you read that right, eighteen! My brother has three children: Noah, Ethan & Jacob, Mark's brother David and his wife Sharon have ten children: Isaac, Faith, Peter, Matthew, Michael, Ruth, Bethany, Nathan, Mary, and Daniel, and Mark's other brother Richard and his wife Rhonda have five children: Stephen, Andrew, Joshua, Rebeckah, and Levi, and yes they all have Bible names. Our entire family, even extended family, lives within a fifteen mile radius and both sets of grandparents live within one mile.

We want to thank you again for taking the time to read about us. We have no idea how hard the decision you have made is, but we want to thank you for choosing to give your baby life. The gift of life truly is the greatest blessing you can give. We truly believe that every child is a blessing from God. If you believe we may be the right family for your child's forever home I encourage you to spend time in prayer. We don't know you, but we are praying for you and your baby. It is an amazing thing you are doing. I cannot imagine what you are going through but I know that God is with you every step of the way. God has a plan for every child that is conceived. If you were to choose us we would be truly blessed for a lifetime.

In God We Trust,
Mark and Katy