Foster Friends

Foster Friends is the New Back-Up Plan for Foster Families

Welcoming a foster child into your home is a 24/7 responsibility. Foster children sleep, eat, play, learn, live and worship with their foster family, often learning for the first time what’s it’s like to be safe, nurtured, and loved. For some families, fostering is an easy choice. Others are hesitant to take on such a round the clock commitment as foster care. That’s why Christian Homes & Family Services developed Foster Friends its new back-up plan and volunteer opportunity for people who want to help abused and neglected children, but, for whatever reason, cannot commit to fostering a child every hour of every day. To a foster family, Foster Friends are a helping hand.

Foster Friends bring supper when a new child arrives at their home, or cares for the child so the foster parents can enjoy a date night.

<br/><br/> “To a foster family, Foster Friends are a helping hand.”

“To a foster family, Foster Friends are a helping hand.”

You see, when you are fostering, you can’t call just anyone to babysit or keep a foster child overnight; state regulations require training, and a clean background check. To discuss whether or not Foster Friends is a volunteer opportunity that’s right for you, visit: www.ChristianHomes.com/FosterFriends or call 800-592-4725