Forrest and Kayla's Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

We are Forrest and Kayla Rose! Even though we don’t know you yet, we have been praying for you daily and are looking forward to adding you as part of our family. We are so humbled and grateful for your decision to give your baby life and to bless a family like ours with this great gift! We pray God gives you strength and comfort throughout this journey.

A Little About Ourselves From Each Other’s Perspective

Kayla is a secretary at a doctor’s office. She loves spending time at home reading, enjoying her flowers, going on walks around the farm, and spending time enjoying nature. She is a strong woman who loves God and her family. Kayla and I have been married since 2011 and I love her with all my heart. We have been trying since 2014 to have a child, but have been unable to conceive. It’s been frustrating and heartbreaking to work hard for something with negative results, but I see her strength when she is able to work through the disappointment and move forward. This is when I see that she will be a great mother.

Forrest works at a hardwood flooring company. It’s a good job and allows us to have holidays, weekends, and nights together. He really enjoys fishing and hunting and generally being outdoors. He is a strong Christian man and is so good to me and our families, which makes me love him even more! Forrest is so good with children, and I love to see him with them. He will make such a great father, and I want so badly for him to have that opportunity. He is always so optimistic, but I can see the pain in his eyes each month we don’t become pregnant.

We are both incredibly blessed with loving friends and families and we can’t wait to share all this love with a child while bringing them up in the ways of the Lord! Our parents and siblings can’t wait either; they have already begun planning adventures and playdates! Papaw Ricky already has a collection of interesting things to entertain our children with that he is saving in an old Altoid’s tin and Grand’Mere has a book collection going for story time. Aunt Whitney, Aunt Lili, Papaw Keith, and Mamaw Judy also have visions of babies dancing in their heads! Our labs Todd and Timber and our cats Becca and Lola are also excited about having a new friend. We would dearly love to welcome a child into all this love and family, and we pray for a loving relationship with our birth mother as well. We want to thank you for considering us and pray for your peace in this decision!

God Bless,
Forrest and Kayla Rose

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