Chris and Jenny's Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

“All this pain, I wonder if I’ll ever find my way,
I wonder if my life could really change at all?
You make beautiful things,
You make beautiful things out of the dust.
You make beautiful things,
You make beautiful things out of us.”

Those are words from a song we lead in worship at our church. We were singing it a while back when suddenly, the thought of you popped into my mind. We don’t even know you yet, but God gave us this song to pray for you while we wait to meet you. You are quite possibly facing the most painful decision of your life right now, but we believe that God will make something beautiful out of all this pain. Something beautiful out of YOU. And we hope that you’ll let us be a part of your journey.

When Chris and I met in college 13 years ago, we knew we wanted to adopt, because we too, have been adopted into God’s family. Back then, we thought we’d adopt internationally, but we believe God has led us to Christian Homes. We’re really excited about this change of direction because we had no idea how strong our desire would be to know the birth parents of our adopted child until recently. God has broken our hearts for you. We want to walk alongside you not only through your pregnancy, but also through life—after the birth of your baby. We hope to have a lifelong friendship with you. And while you believe you can’t provide the life you want your sweet baby to have, we would love for you to get to watch them grow up and for them to grow up knowing you love them.

We love to do music together—Chris plays the guitar and we both sing. We also love going to see superhero movies together or just snuggling up on the couch to watch Netflix. We’re pretty laid back as a couple, but Chris is the King of Chill. He likes to relax, hang with friends and ride motorcycles. He’s the strong, silent type, although he does love to laugh. He has a dry sense of humor and is such a goof, but I love to laugh too, and with Chris around, I laugh till I cry sometimes!

In contrast to Chris, I have enough words for the both of us and then some… which is why I’m typing this letter, and he's just watching over my shoulder, telling me when to delete because I’m using too many words! I’m always doing some craft project I found on Pinterest or baking a new recipe from the Pioneer Woman. Seriously, she won't steer you wrong. I’ll have to bake you a pie to prove it. Did I mention my nickname is Jenny Pie? That’s not a coincidence. I love watching Hallmark movies. They are unrealistic and predictable but I love them. I also like being outside, whether I’m just working in the yard or we’re at the park, riding bikes or swimming in the backyard. Outside is one of my favorites.

We have two little redheaded boys, Blane and Chase. I’m a stay at home mom and homeschool them. We love for them to get to be boys and play, and I’m a certified teacher, so it works out well for us! After Chase was born, we were told that it would be best for my health not to have any more babies. We were so sad to face this reality, but since we had always wanted to adopt, we figured that God was showing us adoption would be the way we’d grow our family in the future. We believe that just as God specifically put our boys in our family, He has another person for our family, but they couldn’t come from us. That perfect person for our family has to come to us through adoption. We promise we will love and cherish your baby the very same way we love and cherish our biological babies. Your baby will be loved by a daddy, a mama, and two very proud, protective big brothers. And you will be loved by us too.

Praying for beautiful things,
Chris and Jenny