Alan and Lisa's Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

In the corner of our bedroom, right next to a window that looks out over our front yard, a black frame holds a painting with a quote. It’s something we see every day in the morning when we wake up and as we go to bed at night, something we hope, over time, will ingrain itself so deeply in us that it becomes part of the DNA of our family. As we consider the road that has led us to this point, and as we look ahead with deep excitement and anticipation to what lies ahead, we draw confidence from the words in this painting from A. W. Tozer: “Nature’s wonders follow the plow.” This idea - that the most beautiful works often follow the most difficult situations - has guided our hearts and prayers. As you face this decision, know the Lord is with you redeeming and bringing good through hard and difficult circumstances.

We are Alan and Lisa Hooten, and we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to share our lives with you. Before we do, though, we need you to know a few things. First, know that you are loved. Even though we don’t know you yet, the Lord has grown in us deep admiration and respect for you. We think about you constantly, pray for you always, and consider it a profound joy to be a part of this journey with you. You truly are our hero and it is only by your selfless gift that we are able to build our family. Second, know that your child is loved. We are writing this letter sitting in the very room we hope one day to serve as our child’s bedroom, and even though we haven’t met your child yet, our hearts are filled with love ready to pour into this young life. And we know that you love your child with a brave and sacrificial love. Your child is already so adored by an army of friends and family (both biological and adopted). Finally, know that we love the story of adoption. It is one of sacrifice, of courage, and of deep love. It reflects the gospel perfectly - we, too, have been adopted into God’s family.

Lisa was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand where her parents were missionaries, and she moved to Texas when she was in high school. Growing up overseas gave Lisa the opportunity to travel and see the world at a young age and instilled in her a love for different cultures, new experiences and diverse groups of people. She attended Texas A&M University and is now a Speech and Language Pathologist working with infants and toddlers with special needs and equipping their parents with the tools and skills needed to help their children thrive.

Alan grew up in the Dallas area and graduated from Harding University with both an undergraduate degree in education and a Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy. He teaches 7th grade English and for the past 11 years, he’s had the opportunity to impact the lives of hundreds of students who have sat in his classroom. From a young age, he has been passionate about working with kids. He loves the challenge of meeting kids where they are and engaging their minds in unique and creative ways.

We met each other over dinner through a mutual friend in 2009 and married exactly 53 weeks after that first meal. Outside of following Christ and the decision to pursue adoption, our decision to marry each other was the best decision we’ve ever made. We are best friends, and after many years of marriage, we still love waking up next other each other every day. We love to sing, laugh and act goofy together. Our marriage is based on mutual respect, sacrifice and covenantal love, and we’re ready to grow even more together as parents.

We live on a quiet street in an established neighborhood, just north of a big city. We are grateful to live in close proximity to most of our immediate family, and to say they are excited about the new addition of this child would be an understatement. We love to travel, host gatherings in our home, explore our city and stay active through hiking, running, and spending as much time together and outside as possible.

We are confident that the Lord is writing a beautiful story with your decision to choose life and adoption for your child. His hand has been at work in your life in ways that we’ll never know, but we are so grateful that He has woven our stories together. Blessings to you!

Alan and Lisa Hooten

Please feel free to email us at alanandlisahooten@gmail.com or by phone at 1-800-592-4725 (CHFS Hotline).