Adam and Michelle's Letter

Dear Birth Mother,

I am the child of adoption. My name is Adam, and I have personally been through the struggles and social awkwardness that your child might face. I also know the exceptional life that child of adoption can have, as well as a love that can only be matched by yours. Thanks to the support and encouragement of my adoptive family I have two college degrees and work as a Forester and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. I have lived a good life and I am married to an incredible woman. Together, my wife Michelle and I can promise you that every second and every detail of your child’s life will be cherished. We write this letter to assure you of two things: our expectations for your child and where you belong, if you are willing, as a member of our family.

Your child, your most selfless gift, can expect the best that our family has to offer. Michelle’s priority is to love and care for this child. She has decided to leave her job as a Dental Assistant in order to fully appreciate every second with our blessed gift. Education will be encouraged and we will be there for every project, function, or sporting event. Whatever extracurricular activity that they wish to take part in, we will support. College will be highly encouraged but your child will make that decision when that time comes. What I can truly promise you is a Christian home. We will attend Sunday school and study the Bible just as I was taught. It will be our responsibility, as adoptive parents, to be a Godly example first and foremost. Your and “our” child will have his own faith. Our goal will be to teach thinking for yourself and believing for yourself. It is every person’s duty to decide, on their own, who they will serve. Hopefully, through study and our example he or she will come to understand the peace in this life that only God can offer.

If you are willing, you can be a part of this exceptional life. You will not be a missing puzzle piece in your child’s life. I understand how a child of adoption longs to know where he came from and where he or she belongs. I am a complete person thanks to my adoptive parents. United, this child will make a difference in the world. You will be a part of that life. You too, will be cherished.

We have never met and you have no idea how much we love you and thank you.

God Forever Bless You,
Adam & Michelle Bradley